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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Not So Heavy This Time

After all that heavy talk last time I needed a break though still suffering from my head cold. So I packed the boys up and took them to the mountain for a snow shoe. I know, people always ask, "Your dogs don't like to be out in that, do they?"

And the answer to that question is? You tell me...

They seem to like it to me. Though in the deep snow they prefer to let me break the trail as you can see here.

Little lazy bums.

So, since I have been so lazy about photos as of late, this is my last ditch effort to get some more photos shoved into my blog before the end of the year.
And to be honest, I went a little hog wild with the camera while out in the snow. Let's not mention the lost lens cap. okay? All right, so I went a little nuts with the lens, but so did the boys. See?
They love that white stuff. Now if only Sullivan would learn not to huff it so it doesn't make him sneeze.
Then try to run off the brain freeze it gives him.
They are absolutely ridiculous, I tell you.
But oh so adorable.
Even when the little bastards insist that all of them will close their eyes for a picture. Sorry about the funky color of those last two photos. I forgot my setting was set for indoor lighting.

The rest is mainly just pics from the rest of the days snowshoe trek. The end has some black and whites I shot as well. Pulling a Betsy.
The light was fantastic out there.
Perfect temp, despite the wind as well.
And though I saw no one but a Sheriff's Deputy while playing, we were obviously not alone in enjoying the snow.
Kind of a neat color contrast between the vibrant lichen and stark snow.
I liked the look of the aspens agains the pines.
Selfie! Kind of.
I thought this old remnants of a tree looked kind of neat with the sage brush growing from it.
We hugged the tree line for the first 3/4 of the walk. One, it's deeper snow, and two, it's less windy. You can see here the hump of snow to the right which is to the SE of the trees. Our wind is typically from the East and North East and you can see where the snow has dropped out of the wind in the lee the tree line provides. Provides snow for the boys to play in, and wear their little butts out.
Then you get up away form the trees and the wind picks up and all the snow is this wind carved stuff. Very pretty but crappy snow shoeing. You can't see the wind per se, but all the crystals in the air is wind driven snow in this shot.
This was provides a better look at todays wind as a gust was headed our way.
Then it was on us.
Even the boys seem to get tired of the wind. Here is Sullivan trying to show me the faster way back t the car.

These are just a few of the wind carved snow. I am always amazed by the different ways the drifts get sliced. The bottom one doesn't due the odd patches of snow with an almost glittery matte finish justice. It was quite neat.
Another cool contrast, but I should have had a filter on the camera for the bright light.

The rest are the black and whites I shot. That's it for the day. See you in 2014.


  1. looks like a fun day for the black and whites!!

  2. Loved seeing all the photos, Q!! No snow here, so I really enjoyed yours.

    1. We got some more last night and I hope to get some more shots today while we're out while the realtor has people in the house. Now, back to vacuuming and cleaning with me.

  3. Great photos, Q. I especially enjoyed the ones of the lichen rock and tree stump. Thanks for sharing and it was great seeing you Saturday. - Joe

  4. Amazing photos:-)