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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Stormy Sunday

We got up and started the day off with running south to see some of the family. As we were heading back, we could see the storm front rolling in, as well as experience the winds pushing it towards town as they buffeted the car a bit.
So, when you face a gray day that looks a bit like this, what's a guy to do?
Well, I took a page out of her book, as she settles in for a nap on a nice heated bed.
I warmed things up.
Started a pot of Southwestern Grilled Chicken Soup.
And finished some frigg'n sock gussets. Ugh, I hate gussets. In case we haven't covered that before.

And it's probably the last relaxed weekend we get for a bit. We need to start shedding extra stuff in earnest here and start packing up what we're taking with us so we can get an idea of the size UHaul we will be taking eastward to Grand Rapids.

We spent a good chunk of yesterday looking at houses. Of course the one I REALLY like is one of the more expensive ones. Doen't it always work like that? Not that it's a spectacular house. It's a nice house, and a spectacular yard. 3 acres of yard. One acre completely fenced in for the 4 legged fools.

Anyway, I'm getting back to knitting while I can.


  1. One acre for the lads and! They will be overjoyed. Hope the day was quite relaxing, despite the gussets. - Joe