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Friday, February 28, 2014

-10, and I think I'm loving it.

It's amazing how much cozier minus 10 feels when you have a foot of snow on the ground to go with it. Last night on my way home from the Clever Ewe knit night I saw minus 15 in a low lying wet area around that park I had pictures of previously. The creek there overflowed the road and made a sheet of ice that I bit it on good. Didn't hurt my car or hit anything like the guy behind me did. After I did a  540 degree spin in the middle of the road and let my car roll to a stop I went and helped him dig himself our of the berm. The guy coming the other way that saw our ice capades stopped assisted us, and his teenage son didn't pay much attention to how slick the road was as cars spun across it and fell on his butt. It was kind of funny. Glad I wasn't going the speed limit. The roads were very nasty yesterday so I had already slowed it down myself which saved me I think. Obviously not far enough, but enough to not hurt myself or worse, someone else.
It dropped yesterday and we got lake effect snow for parts of the day as you can see from are river walk in Rockford earlier in the day here. You can't really see how hard it's snowing other than the blurred trees getting lost in the snow. It was a nice little blast.
The trail takes a right and goes across this bridge. If you recall, Sullivan is scared of bridges. I didn't manage to get a picture of him on the far end crying not wanting to step on it.
From this foot bridge, there is a trestle rail bridge just to the north.
Of course, after I forced Sullivan to cross the little one I found out the trestle bridge is now a foot bridge. He was much more comfortable crossing it. Snapped a little selfie. A Bad one. I forgot to smile, Sullivan is hunkered in behind me and Shiela wouldn't stay in frame.

We wandered all the way up to Rockford center. This boardwalk also freaked the big boy out. He walked right next to the building and wouldn't approach the edge. He's a bit ridiculous. 120 pounds of puss puss. It was snowing even harder up nearer the building as you can tell. I tell you, it was wonderful.
Today I need to stop knitting and get showered up to get them out there. They are needing it.
Apartment living is not for these guys. The boys just hate it. Shiela, well she can't hear the other residences. This morning I'm so irritated by other people that I have the television on just to make noise to cover them and hopefully irritate them too. Yesterday morning there was some blowing snow and ground blizzard conditions so some of the schools were shut. I REALLY like when the little girl upstairs goes to school. The good thing is, we are going house hunting with the realtor tomorrow. Fingers crossed.
After wandering about the trail for a bit, finding better parking areas and exploring the trails, we went back down to the dog park again. The dogs met Toby and Beau. They had quite a good little romp together and were able to get left alone in the apartment a bit while I went to Ada for knit night and before Bob got home. I also may have a possible job at the yarn store... Again, fingers crossed.
And speaking of yarn, I got clue 2 of the Mystery Knit-Along done. I am starting to worry a bit about the amount of yarn I have left. My main blue color is getting a bit low. We shall see. I am behaving myself and not checking out spoiler photos that others have posted. I'm trying to keep it a mystery and not ruin my thoughts on it like I did the Rockefeller. If I see pictures and don't like it, I won't finish it. I know myself. All urges to work on will wither and die away.
And I cast on the watermelon socks for April. Don't worry, no bathroom shots of these ones. They are only going to be a women's 5 so I can't get them on my feet.

Okay, I need to get out and about with the kids and do some laundry and housekeeping to boot. I'll type later. Have a good weekend everyone.


  1. You'd maybe have enjoyed the white out we just had here in Casper...the first one I've experienced in many, many years. Once I finish up here at the library I plan to inch my way home and stay put.

    I'm glad you enjoyed knit night and I hope the job at the yarn shop takes off. Even if it is only an interim position, it will definitely put your skills to use.

    That mystery knit is looking good. Hope you end up enjoying much more than the Rockefeller.

    Anyhow, lots of luck in the house search. Best regards to all of the household. - Joe

  2. Kim ( Birdyslove)March 1, 2014 at 1:51 PM

    Wow!! A job at Clever Ewe! Lucky you! Very nice pics by the way... Did you find a house? Hope to see you on Weds!

    1. Nothing was promised, just a couple comments were made and information taken. But it's a little toe in the door and the hope of a little money trickling in instead of out.

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