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Saturday, February 8, 2014

So... I quit my job

I say that like it wasn't planned, don't I? It is kind of required to quit my job working for the City of Casper in order to move to Michigan. It still, feels unsettling to know I no longer have a steady income trickling into my accounts faster than it trickles out. And that... Well, it feels funny

On the other hand, it's needed, because we are to the messy point of packing. You know it. Where you have emptied the closets of every thing, its now spread across the house as you slowly organize it in logical ways into boxes in order of when you will need it as you move. It's the crappy part of moving and packing. That place you feel that this is impossible, and wonder why you have so much crap.

And why do we have so much crap? Who knows. I know I don't, and I am in the process of offloading some of it. Every time I use craigslist, I get so irritated by the jack asses that just want to waste peoples time. I finally got rid of the bed that I wanted to strangle a woman over. The ad literally was named "Twin Bed with Mattress" Had the details of what I was selling, including pictures of the bed. with both the mattress and the linens I was including. She sent me an email that said, "Does that include the mattress?" I didn't bother responding due to doubting I wouldn't be able to resist saying something rude.

I have also had many other emails regarding questions on other items that I have simply ignored. The last update to the ad that removed the pictures and items that I have already sold, I stated in it that if you aren't truly interested in anything other than wasting my time, don't email because I'm not going to respond. If the item don't go, they will go to goodwill on the way out of town.

This morning I have been working on selling the truck. The Guy has decided that the old Ford is more trouble to keep and move, than to just sell. I have to admit, I think I will miss the old beast. But, if you know anyone interested in a 79 Ford, let me know.
He's safe. It got hit last summer while sitting in front of our house, and the loss of a fog light and dented fender is all the damage. Oh, and a missing R that I never noticed. The drunks chevy however was totaled. God Bless drunk drivers...
He's ruggedly handsome, I think.
LED Tail Lights... Just for a touch of modern.
New ties including a spare.
New Front and rear windshields
On it's way over form Utah it blew a master seal, so the engine (351m) and transmission are new, and the mechanicals all gone over. Mainly, the next projects for it are the cosmetics both in and out. 
The beast is slow to warm up, but has been starting nicely even in the cold days recently. It is 4 wheel drive, with an automatic transmission. It has about 11K miles on it side the engine was replaced and the transmission rebuilt.

Now that I have made you all feel like I'm a car sales mane, I hope you all have a good day. I need to hit the shower and keep shuffling piles into boxes or dumpsters.

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