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Monday, February 24, 2014

On a Windy Day

It occurred to me today as I walked the dogs today that just like 6 years ago, give or take a month and half or so, I changed towns and wandered into the city that will be my home for who knows how long on the shirt tails of a good blow.
Their idea of a dog park here is... well, they have them. Let's focus on the positive. So, I took the kids where I saw a nice park yesterday. Not a dog park, but the boys got to wander on trail off leash as the wind buffeted us and pushed me and the old one across the ice. She has to be on leash these days. I would hate to move and lose her due to her wandering off in her deafness.

This is Roselle Park in Ada to the North East of Grand Rapids. We stumbled on it as we house hunted yesterday afternoon. You can see the coal grey clouds with another batch of snow moving in on us to the north.
Above is looking back towards the parking lot. It is a rehabbed old beef cattle ranch on the edge of a wetland with cross country ski trails and the paved trails as seen in the other picture. The grain silos are kind of cool. One has a climbing wall set up for kids on the lower section and the other one if you look real close has an observation deck at the top there. I'll get some better pics tomorrow.
Last night I stayed up past 10pm for the first time in quite some time to wrap up the March socks.
They are a bit big on me as they are for my brother. He wears a size 10 and I wear a size 8, so there is a bit of extra room plus some negative ease to make sure they fit well.
And Betsy, this shot is for you since you said the January Socks photos looked like they were from under a bathroom stall... Thought it would make you laugh. If it helps, I am sitting on the toilet lid and not taking a bathroom break.

So, while running around today walking dogs, and finding a yarn shop I decided I had to run my car by a car wash. She is a little jiggly in the front end and smelly when she warms up. I think it is just all the road grime thrown up under her on the tow here. While at the car wash spraying my car off the wind came up, pushed a cold front in and dropped the temp 10 degrees on me. I feel like I frostbit my hand and the technicolor soaps and detergents froze to my white car. Because I don't look gay enough driving a Kia Soul, it now has day-glo yellow, pink, and blue smudges across it. I think I need to go find an automated car wash here in a few she I hit a grocery store for dinner.

We also found a little mountain biking park that the we romped the kids through the snow banks on Saturday. Shiela was the trooper she ever is. At the end she was dragging butt and her left rear leg seemed to always fall into the post holes prior traffic left (The Guy and The Boys). But, it was exactly what we needed.
I myself was a bit wore down and was glad I had put on a pot of gumbo early that morning.
Good stuff. Okay, off to hunt up dinner makings and wash my poor car.


  1. cracked me up....thanks!! good to always start a day laughing! things look promising in your new state already. love that there are ski trails nearby

  2. Oh silos!!! I haven't seen those in years!! The Minnesota girl here remembers those well!!! If it's any concillation, it is snowing and is is below 10 degrees with the windchill below zero. :( Wish I had soup in the crock pot!!

  3. Love the bathroom shot!! Hee!! HEE!! Made my day! I needed a laugh! So glad you didn't wait too long to post! We are all so anxious to hear how you and yours are making out. LY

  4. Love the post and hope you find a "real" dog park soon. Although the ones you've used so far seem quite nice.
    Gumbo sounds so good. Do you use okra? I love okra in gumbo but graciously [well, almost graciously] accept it when people leave it out. Still isn't quite the same, though.
    Good to see things are transitioning okay. All my usual best regards - Joe