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Monday, March 17, 2014

A Little Error

Well, I think it was more of a miscommunication involving todays work schedule. So my lucky dogs got a second walk/rompus this morning. Long story short, I went to work, was just running through some of the mornings check list when another employee showed up. We had a little schedule discussion and I left, to come back and close the shop instead of open it. Either way, it matters to me little. It's not like I have a lot of other things on the schedule today.

Long story short though, on the later walk we heard something. Something that I've been told that just like in Wyoming is a Harbinger of Summer. What was is you ask? A Red Wing Blackbird. For those of my readers who aren't familiar with this sound, i will see if I can find a way to record it and put a recording of it here. After many times floating the Platte on a hot morning and having these guys all around you, it makes me feel the sun pounding down, and hear the lapping of the water on my kayak hull. And especially with yesterdays 5K walk at 6 degrees with a -10 windchill, it is appreciated. Not that I mind winter, but I felt like I was back in Wyoming yesterday with chapped lips, windburn face, and stinging ears/nose and all.

Now, back to work with me. Have a good one. I'll share knitting pictures later. I got the shawl done...


  1. will have to look up that bird...up here i listen for those canadian geese and sandhill cranes to tell me it's spring!!

  2. Sorry to hear there was a mixup...but the Redwing Blackbird more than made up for that. I heard a Robin singing in the early predawn light yesterday, as well as a woodpecker tapping, but haven't actually seen either. Still, we will eventually get Spring along the Platte. Say "Hi" to The Guy and give the Kids a pat from me. Big hug - Joe