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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

As Promised, pictures pictures pictures

For any disbelievers (Kim). Okay, it's just proof that I wasn't crazy yesterday, look.
I got one on camera. Which was pure luck since it's the only one I saw, though once again I heard plenty of them today.
Today, that spring that has been creeping in, has quit sneaking and just hit us hard. It hit 44 degrees!
There were signs everywhere of the warm temperatures. I first removed my outer gloves, then unzipped my jacket and finally had to lose the hat due to the heat.
All the while we listened to the black birds, and the laughing woodpeckers. Then there was this loud boom. People from cold places know that boom. By the time we got back to the river, this had happened.
Grrrr. Blogger is screwing with videos now. Google, you're starting to make me hate you. Okay, back on track. What we had heard was the ice go out on the river.

We watched for quite sometime and I truly wished that I had my bigger camera and not just my little point and shoot. However, handling four dogs and shooting pictures doesn't always work well together. So the point and shoot it was, especially since I had to clean it's lens
Even with the ice rotting, and melting away, the day was beautiful.
In fact, because of it, it may have been more beautiful.
As you can see the river is running a bit high right now, as to be expected with the run off.
Judging by the remains we keep finding on the trail, I'm guessing it's helping these guys and the ever present red tails eat well. Even if I wish they wouldn't eat their goodies over the trail. I have to ride the dogs hard to get them to leave such remnants alone.
It seems we hear the woodpeckers every day. If they aren't calling and laughing in the trees, you can hear them searching for food. I never realized how much it sounds like grouse mating until a couple times I thought it was until I realized we aren't in grouse territory. I'm sure there's a species or two around, but not that we've seen yet.
On the way back, as we looped near the river again we saw it clear of the ice that had already moved down the way. The waterfowl quickly got into the soup.
These two were talkers. Sorry again for the lack of a good zoom.
I think they were the same two we saw walking back as they flew in low. I was able to get a lucky shot.
Ahhh, if only I took the better camera!?! I probably wouldn't have seen any of it then. You know how it goes.
I had to clean the little camera up, yesterday I hadn't noticed that I had something on the lens until I was looking at photos. I caught Emmitt dog on the bed using my pillow. He knows better as you can see the look of shock at being caught here. He thought I was still doing my morning knitting.
And speaking of knitting. The Mystery Knit-A-Long is done.
Denise at the Clever Ewe modeled it for me.
I had several people tell me that I should have tried to ease in the new color, but after I pointed out that the new color was a solid unlike the previous kettle dye, they agreed I couldn't do much of that. So it is what it is, and I am off to other projects.
Seriously, because these are done too.
So today I am casting on these ones that I have been busy working out a cable chart for the top of the foot today. We shall not discuss that though. It hasn't been fun, but it is done. In the end, who knows, I might have a nice sock pattern. They aren't quite that bright, but I wasn't able to get the colors to look right. Everything I did made them even brighter. There's actually some darker orange and coral in them.

So, let's discuss the yarn store I'm working at. I asked Sally the owner yesterday if it was okay to speak of it here. I like to make sure the boss knows what I'm doing before I put the product of their handwork on my blog. The good thing is, she said yes.
So I snapped a couple pictures. This is for you Lisa... This is the entry way. The artier yarns and some of the pricier items like interchangeable needle sets, project kits, and the quiviut is here.
Then there is the worsted room. Yes, I've said this is a big place. The major weights have their own rooms.
DK/Sport room from two different angles.
Gotta love the windows.
Then the sock/lace room. One of my favorites.
If you look, you can see the smudge that was on my lens. Let's not discuss it further. It hurts me.
The bulky room, and the social gathering site. And see that back there, a fireplace to keep you cozy!
Oh, and let's not forget the class room. Yep, a room to teach in!

I won't even show you the stock rooms. Another employee asked me how in other yarn stores I have worked we had handled storing and refreshing form back stock. I kind of looked at her and tried to be sly as I said, "Back stock? See this room here? That's how big both stores were. They didn't have a lot of back stock, or any place to put it." She seemed surprised.

Long story short, it's a great store. It's a big store. It has a lot of stock and I am still learning what all we  have. In fact, I will be learning for some time what all we have because it's a lot. I think I'm loving it.

All right, we need to get the kids out for another romp and find dinner for us before I go into a sugar slump and punch my computer to try and strangle someone high up at google. Yeah yeah, a hungry man's an angry man.


  1. Excuse me, I need to pull myself up off the ground because I just passed out!! OMG! That store is gorgeous!! And huge!! I think I'm in love! I think I've seen heaven! That's it. I'm leaving my spouse and children to run away and live on that red chair by the fire. Major LYS envy right now.

  2. Gotta love a yarn store with chandeliers! I want to camp out in the sock yarn room! Amazing store and so glad you get to work there.

  3. I want to come visit!!! I want to pet yarn!! Tell her not to worry if she can't pay another employee, I will volunteer my time! Ohhhhhhh! I am sooooo jealous! The store is beautiful! She is so lucky to have you and you to have such a wonderful place to work!

  4. What a great post/share! That is a great yarn store indeed. All those lovely varieties and very luxurious settings to enjoy them in. Thanks for the nature photos and the one where Emmitt was busted for snoozing on the bed/pillow. The look is priceless. Take care and I wish you were here for the gathering Saturday. - Joe