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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

A Return To Tradition

I know many of the readers don't know that I used to have a vlog(channel) on youtube. And though I don't regret no longer keeping that up and going due to the stress I put on doing it, and the stress of dealing with the technology, I do miss some parts of it. I miss the music!

For those of you who haven't previously known, youtube is an incredible resource for finding not only original music, but original takes on already existing music. There are some talented people out there on youtube that may never make a career with their art, but I felt and still do, that they deserve some recognition for their artistry.

So, harkening back to my youtube channel days, I want to continue a tradition I did there. I used to do a weekly highlight of an artist I found that I liked. Now, I am not going to pretend that this will be weekly, but I am going to try to do Tune Tuesdays. It might only happen once or twice a month but I plan on Tuesdays to share a tune I found on youtube that I thought needed to reach out beyond youtube. Maybe I can get someone else hooked to someone else's tunes too.

So, this week I am going to share BathroomGirl with you. Now, before you make any assumptions about the content of this song based on her name, I want to inform you that the name comes from her early days of posting videos when her bathroom had the best acoustics for her to sing and play in. The song is quite sweet, so keep an open mind!

Haha! You have no idea how long this just took me to figure out how to get this video in here. Maybe I should learn html if I'm going to keep playing with a blog? Maybe, but let's not rush into things here.

Who liked it? It wasn't what one expects from someone who titles themselves The Bathroom Girl, was it? Well, if you like her she has plenty more out there and available on You tube that can be found here on her YouTube channel, including a whole list of original songs she has written.

So, for those that are interested but don't want to go listen to me ramble over there on my channel to dig through and find some tunes... I certainly don't, that's why I don't keep it up anymore. I am going to throw up a couple of my favorite featured musicians I did in the past here for you all to take a look at.

The first one I have for you plays classical guitar. I always liked to watch his fingers go! I have always been impressed with classical guitarists. It looks like his wife who used to manage his channel has run out of old material that she used to make this channel with over the last year, but they are still some great videos to check out.

This was MizzDaizyD who is no longer active on Youtube and I have been unable to find out if she ever went big. I may need to dig in again and find out because I always liked her. When I featured this song she had a single being released that I always liked, but I wanted to feature one of her less known songs. Lucky for you, I'm join got give you both.

This is Jim. He also seems to have disappeared from YouTube in the last year but he was a favorite as was this video. He typically just played some wonderful guitar and/or piano and sang but he made this video with his kid brother when he had him for the night. I thought just watching it "What memories they must have made that night". His brother is heard there doing percussion on the egg.

Here's another of his regular style videos. You can find more here.

This was a song this gentleman wrote when he couldn't look way from a political/social disaster happening in a different country. It at the time spoke to me and when I still stop and listen to the words, the song still does.

And the last one here is Lisa Lavie. She truly has gone the big time in Canada and I hope someday she can cross over to America. I have only heard her once on the radio, but considering buoying NPR, I tune into the radio as frequently as the TV, she may have and I just don't know it(Online BBC News saves me from being a complete ignoramus). This was the first song I had heard of hers and was blown away by it but since it had already had a following I featured a different song of hers. But this is my favorite still.

So, as you can see, of my featured artists, I covered a range. It was basically whatever caught my ear at the time and for those of you who have ever perused my music library, you will know that this can be a wide spectrum of music. From folksy little tunes, to major pop and r&b jives. Country ballads to rap on occasion.

From here out, at least once a month I will try to do a Tunes Tuesday. Next week I will try because I saved one of my absolute favorite artists who is still active on YouTube and now has a little group where she used to just be a solo artist. So we'll do a little introspective of dear M.
I hope you all have a wonderful day. I need to get the kids out for a walk now that I just wasted another hour+ today.

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  1. enjoyed the music...thanks. liked the first girl and the guy who wrote the political song i think best. love that she did it sans make up and fuss. there are so many folks out there quietly singing away and writing some great stuff. i better get cracking and get the dogs out in the snow here the black and white of the furs!! have good one!!