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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Before I get Lazy

It's a blustery bugger of a day here today. The weather is supposed to be moving in over the next 24 hours and it's not been very nice to walk today. Not that has stopped us Wymingites mind you. I even got inspired and ran Tucker and Sullivan yesterday in the cold wind (Okay, so it was a whopping 38 degrees, but running into it makes it feel like you're freezing your face off), while Bob corrected the issue of Emmitt rolling in something nasty(poo) on his first dog walk of the morning. As it turned out, it couldn't be corrected with an apartment bath and the dog bath weekend got bumped up by a week.
"Who, me?" Yes you, you little shit roller.
However, before I get side tracked with a nice warm cup of tea and some knitting I thought I'd throw up a blog post. I haven't done a real honest to goodness post with any real content in it lately. Know what I mean?
So today, I am going to give you one. And with pictures too! Though I think my little Canon Elph is dying. The though makes me a little sad, it's been such a good little camera.
Well, you know what they say about all good things.
Sullivan pretending to be road kill.
If it feels that good it must be bad? No, no, I mean about all good things must come to an end. You guys are dirty minded.
On the look out for squirrels. Squirrels are eeeevvvvilllllllll.
But that's what I love about you all. But, let's discuss. We got the house. Have I told you that yet? We are officially closed, though we don't take possession until the 20th of May. I know, I know, it feels like it will never end here in the apartment, but it will. I promise. We will officially move in with the help of "Three Guys and a Truck" on Thursday the 22nd. So I will have two whole days to dig in, clean, and take pictures to share with you all. I will try to get those up before we move internet stuff. The kids are going to love having a yard of their own where they can chase squirrels to their hearts delight.
Don't judge them, we all need hobbies.

Speaking of hobbies, I am in the knitting slump. Knitters know what I'm talking about. That point that happens occasionally (for me it's always spring) when you hate everything that's on your needles.    No matter how much you try to tell yourself you should get back to it, you just can't force yourself to work on them.
See what I mean by the camera dying? Everything is blurry out of it lately.
I have this shawl that's been shoved to a corner in order to ignore it easier.
And this scarf that I hope desperately to wrap up today. Yeah right you shmuck Fingers crossed! It's good to dream... Seriously though, I was thinking today at breakfast that I was looking forward to getting back to some socks. Yeah, we're at that point.

Speaking of breakfast, we went to this neat little diner called the Red Jet Cafe. We've been there for dinner before which was very good. It's in an old building that we though had used to be a bank and turns out is an old library. Breakfast was very good but they need a busser/host. They only have three waitresses that for the number of tables would be fine if they weren't also having to bus them all themselves. They get backed up doing that and are unable to check back on their tables. But the food, and the service they can provide are very good.
All in all, I have to say that I am liking Michigan. The area itself is beautiful. It has been fun finding new places to walk the kids and learn about a new ecology and local history. The other night I was on the Provin trails and there was just beautiful evening light so I took them back there last night to try to snap a couple pictures.
When I was running them out at Luton Park the other day I discovered there are miles of trails out there that I wasn't aware of. If I didn't have a general idea where we were and that the trails were a big loop I would have said we were lost, but the boys loved getting out and stretching out those legs and muscles. I was enjoying listening to the frogs sing as we wound are way through the trees.
And though it's been a cooler week, spring is still edging in. The 30 degree nights definitely slowed the trees down a bit, but do you see all that green haze to the right of the pine? Those are buds and leaves! Not to mention even the moss is greening back up. So soon. Sorry, I tried to get up close pictures but the camera refused to focus. It's not even focussing on other things, just everything as you can see in the pictures above are slightly blurry.
More of that beautiful golden light that was filtering under the pines as the sun dipped down.
Turned out I was just in time since there was a cloud bank over Lake Michigan that the sun sank into just after I snapped these shots. the light never cam back on our two loops of the park.
The light was really faded here but I loved the texture of this trees bark. No idea what kind it is.

It's been so much fun learning about the platens of the area. Even the not so much fun kind of plants like Poison Ivy, Oak, and Sumac that are all found in the area. Let's face it, pictures like these are just kind of horrifyingly neat to look at. And hey, for all those that know me and my love of little facts and trivia, this stuff is just so neat to read about to me. I know, I should have probably been a science teacher. Oh, except I hate kids.
Okay, so I don't hate kids, just other peoples kids. Okay, so it's just other people I hate. Okay okay, I don't hate other people but I have my moments. This last week while walking the dogs I had some woman state "Jesus Christ, do you have enough F#$%'n dogs?". Seriously, I'm not kidding. She had this whiny little voice to go with her pug face, was on the other side of the trail from us and I had the kids in a sit and stay on our side of the trail as I was picking up poop. Before I could stop it I said in an approximation of her voice, "Jesus Christ, can you mind you're own F#$%'n business?" Which she then stated to not talk to her like that and all of us in this town are so rude. So, It's completely okay for her to cuss and be rude but not for me? Sullivan, take her down. Kidding, I simply stated that unless my dogs were acting aggressively or unruly towards her and had she been in some position to uphold any laws or codes that we were breaking that is was none of her business and maybe if she wasn't such a bitch in her behavior and manner of speaking people wouldn't tell her so. Then we kept walking while I thought that there was a better way for me to phrase what I said with less profane language than I had used. And that perhaps I didn't ned to imitate her manner of speaking  with my first response. Sometimes, when everyones an asshole, maybe it's you that's the asshole? So we walked, went home and ate.  I did take some relish that this occurred in Rockford, a little town I really like and spend a lot of time in, to the north of Grand Rapids, but not my town. I felt a kinship with it knowing that other people there had possibly spoke to her as I had since she thought we were all so rude.
Remember those little red flowering bodies? Well, they have seeded and now have leaves coming out. I know it's blurry but believe me, that's what you're looking at.
So, there's my post for the week everyone. I will be back soon though and get to checking out the other blogs better. I promise. More to come on the place as we get closer. And speaking of getting closer, my fellow TdF'ers, July 5th is sneaking up on us...


  1. I saw your TdF Wild Card listed on Rav. I'm looking forward to getting my spinning kickstarted again by TdF. Really great post!

  2. Great new s that the house is closed upon and we have a moving date. We were just talking about that at the picnic yesterday, as a matter of fact, with Cindy asking if you'd closed yet.
    Too bad the rude lady couldn't just enjoy the lovely hike and the sight of 3 well behaved dogs while you did the poop-patrol duties. However, that is just one of those things.
    Love the photos of the kids but have to say, "How's our dear Sheila getting along?" I've not seen a photo for a while and hope she's all right. Bless her little self. If I'm touching on a sad subject, I apologize but just want to know. I'm sure missing the rascally dogs - me, a confirmed cat person. LOL
    Anyhow, take care and all my best to the household. - Joe

  3. Congratulations with the house!