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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

A Few Things Learned Today

1st: I need to teach The Guy how to properly re-light a pilot light.

2nd: That "We'll clean before we leave" means something entirely different to us than to the previous owners of the house. In fact, a lot of how we see life in general, I think is much different than how they see it all.

3rd: No matter what the little brochure says and the fact that you have secured all the clasps and locks, the carpet shampooer will unfold, come apart into it's multiple components (including ones you were not familiar with) and tumble down the stairs you were trying to take it down.

4th: And now that said stairs are damp, you too shall tumble down them.

5th: Yes, it really does take that long to drive between the new house and the apartment.

6th: Michigan's roads are full of... None of the adjectives I can come up with at this time are polite.

7th: Quite possibly Michigan's drivers take cues from the roads department. Simple directions such as speed limit signs after major intersections and properly pre-marked traffic patterns so that ahead of time you can make appropriate motions in your car could possibly cut down on much of the "creative" driving we see here. Including some of my own today on a detour with only one sign that I found before using some more creative language and possibly breaking a few laws of driving and possibly physics.

So, with all that said, I truly am going to have to say good bye for just a few short days here. Tomorrow, we empty the apartment. That includes this computer. We won't be getting internet until Friday. So, Saturday at best, and I doubt that.

But on a high note, I give you this...

That's right, it's better than pictures, no? Well, I have those too, but I'm saving those for a before and after montage this fall after we have gotten some work done. Because regardless of the work we put in today to scrub and deodorize, the house still has an odor... That it didn't have previously when we were in it. Seriously, what have your two done to the house in the lat 3-4 weeks? Locked the dogs in it and refused to let them out for days on end? I was just glad that this evening none of the three boys lifted their legs in the house, because I was expecting it.

As for the crappy video, sorry, it was spur of the moment. While you are slaving away at work, think of us slaving away here scrubbing our fingers down the bones.


  1. Yeah, lots of work that could be done on the inside, but oh, what glorious space you have OUTside! What a wonderful find for you guys and the dogs!

  2. place has got good bones as they say and a fabulous outdoor and the dogs will LOVE that!! nice to have all that space in the basement...gonna put in a pool table? :-)

  3. Thanks for the video Q! What a lovely property - but I can't believe you are going to get rid of all that pink! ha ha ha. I also think you should set up a camera and see if Mr. Sullivan tries to go through that cat door. Hope Tucker is feeling better. Happy cleaning and moving. Miss you guys tons!

  4. Yay!!! Thank you for the tour! That video was so much fun! You've certainly got a lot of painting to do (and it sounds like, deoderizing - thanks for not adding the smell-o-rama feature to the video) but what an exciting project. That yard. OMG. That yard is to die for. I suggest that next summer, when you're all moved in, you should host a Fiber Skeiks camp-in. We'll all just drive over and camp in your front yard like a mini Woodstock. You've definitely got the space for it! Congrats on the new home! You're going to have a fun, busy, sweaty, achy, rewarding summer!!

  5. Wow, I've lost track of you since you first moved to town. I'm happy to see that you've found a place to settle. The property is amazing! I do envy your amount of space and the deck does look like a perfect place to spin or knit. Hope you're getting settled and decorated like you want. Maybe we'll run into each other one of these days.