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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Tiiii-iiii-ii-mmmmme, is never on our side

Ever notice this little fact? This morning as I was lazing about listening to our wonderful thunderstorm I was wondering through the e-world of emails and blogs (Yeah, I know I shouldn't be on the computer during such electrical storms, but if it helps I was doing it wirelessly on my iPad) time once again slipped right past me.

By the time I had read my morning blogs, donated to the Yarn Harlots cause, decided I was going to donate not only dollars to each team member but also some yarn to the kharma balancing fund it was time to start getting ready to head out the door. Meaning I never got to work more on the socks as planned this morning.
Taken yesterday this photo is the most color true of the two.
That's right, I'm back to socks. The shawl thing ran out of one of the colors so while I wait on that to arrive I have re-attacked the 12 months 12 socks goal. I am working on my seventh pair for the year! Two whole months ahead still. It's the only way I am going to succeed at this little challenge, and these are the first pair for myself out of all the socks I have knit thus far.
Taken before bed last night. Striving to get them wiped out.
They again are the Wendy Johnson toe up socks with a difference. I am knitting them for me to see if I like the fit of the heel bottom gusset. Here's hoping I do because they are a breeze to knit up especially if you are a "on the road sock knitter" like myself. They are great to travel with only requiring your circular needle and two balls of yarn. I prefer the Turkish cast on method over the figure 8 or Judy's magic, just a little side note. There's kno not in the toe for later irritation.

But back to the subject of time. In the last couple postings from the yarn harlot it has been mentioned how long it takes her to do something compared to another person. Then if you read through her comments it seems she isn't alone in this endeavor of being fast. A lot of people had exact times it took them to do certain tasks and they seemed to link this "speed" with how good they are at this skill. Does our speed indicate how good we are at certain things? I guess in some ways yes, but my knitting time and for that matter my spinning time are things I try to disassociate with time restraints. Well, not restraints, I try not to make my speed an issue but I think we all restrain ourselves to time limits with our hobby's or we wouldn't be able to pay the bills. My knitting, my spinning, my creating time is about me. Not how fast I can work. It's about me taking the time to breathe, to center myself and to make something that is either for myself or for another that I care enough to "create" for. It is not about being the fastest and the best.

So what am I saying to the others out there that have that correlation between speed and their own "making" time? Not a dang thing. If being the fastest and the bestest by your stopwatch makes you happy, go at it. But for those of us who don't have that correlation, you can come create with me anytime, because you're my kind of crafter. I for one don't think a stopwatch has anything to do with my fiber time.
And neither does Emmitt. He would prefer you don't limit his nap times by anything other than frisbee sessions between naps.
Shiela prefers to just stick to the naps. She has the same relationship with frisbees as I do stopwatches.
I stopped yesterday on our way to a frisbee session to snap a couple more photos of that tree. With warm rainy nights I'm hopeful it will be out in full bloom here soon. It is what is called a Saucer Magnolia for those that are interested in such things. So all of you that called it, congratulations. Sorry, I don't have a prize for you. But I do have two of these on hold for me until the end of the month when we can plant them in our own yard. A local bought a house and has many saplings she needs to get rid of on the property and is selling them for $20.00 a piece. I jumped on that, here's hoping they survive the move.

I hope you all have a great day and started yours out right like I did with a cup of warm tea, rain pouring down and the windows cracked to listen to the rumbles of the thunder that much better.

PS: I forgot to mention, this week I passed 15,000 page views! Not a huge number but a nice feeling for me just the same.


  1. love those socks...i'm a greenaholic though!! the tree is beautiful as well...

  2. Great looking tree and I hope the seedlings survive the move. And we think alike on "speed knitting"...I passed out of the 'Gotta knit every minute of every day - just as fast as I can' phase quite a few years ago. That's one of the reasons I very seldom do commissioned work. So I'm glad that just verifies why we have such a good time creating fiber related goodies together. I really like those new socks and how they are reversing the color scheme. Can't wait to see the final results. Take care - Joe

  3. I wish I could spend (at least) an afternoon with you sipping tea, (Hell, let's make it moonshine), spinning fiber and watching time pass us by. (You are missed, my friend...sigh). Love the the blossoms have a scent?
    Here's to slow paced mornings, spring thunderstorms and Q's blog!