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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Killing it! The tune that is.

So, I'm a song killer. I will listen to a song over and over again until I kill it. We'll, not kill it, but I get tired of it and have to take a break from it for a bit. Yesterday, it was this one.

Honestly we can blame Barbara for that one. I don't know if it's just me, or the fact that this dyslexic brain is wired a bit differently (don't even say it...), but sometimes it just takes someone to say one word or phrase and a song is stuck there. Yesterday she was talking to a customer and remarked about her knitting and said something along the lines of "Well, Maybe this time it will work out." and that was it. I know I had Denise giggling at least once as I gave her a few bars. She was laughing at my voice, I know. I will never be another Michael Buble, but I can pretend.

So today it's this song.

It was playing on the radio a few weeks ago and I had never heard it before. Today however I quickly googled it when it came on and now I can't get enough! I really like this acoustic version not only for the different sound and finding out that his voice is not synthesized at all, but also the beautiful room they are in.

I know it's not a tune tuesday and these are not Youtube musicians; however, I also found this video while trying to find the Bastille tune and was impressed to find that this artist who I already liked is also not synthesized either. Considering house and dance music is her fame and that synthesizing is often done in those and her voice has a tone that I assumed was not inherent to it naturally. I thought it was neat and makes me like her sound even more.

Okay, enough of that stuff. Lets discuss what's happening here. Remember when I stated the other day I needed to get off the computer and go check out the park?
Well, that park was a bust. Our yard is going to be bigger than it, but it was still kind of pretty right there on the Cold Water River.
But that picture up there is from one corner to the other of the park. On the map it appeared that everything across the river was park too, but it is private property. From there I headed up towards Lowell to see if I could locate the trail that is supposed to connect via old rail bed between Lowell and Greenville. No luck but I won't give up. We have to have something close by to get the kids and our butts out for a good walk daily.
We then headed back towards the apartment but I swung by Roselle Park just because. As you can see, still a wonderful soft day. That's that observation silo way in the background there. Like I said, a great soft day with a fairly regular "mist", not truly a rain. And that was great to bring out these guys.
FROGS!!! I think this guys a little tree frog of some sort. He has those rounded toes of a tree frog.
As I got there the township truck was driving down the path to do God knows what. I swear, it's ridiculous how frequently you see that truck on the trail and with the edges of the trail still wet due to the high water, they're starting to break the trail's concrete down on the sides. Because of the truck that I knew still had to come back down the trail I felt it was necessary to move this guy. Otherwise I wouldn't have touched him, but I didn't want him smashed, though he probably fell out of the tree above us. As soon as I tred to get a picture he objected to me picking him up and tried to leap for it.
But I got him safely moved and left him be. He had gone from that spot by the time we got back around to this part of the trail.
Later we found this Leopard Frog (I knew this guy by his looks and the coughy growl he made). He was much more energetic and the truck had already come and gone from this part of the trail so we didn't interfere here. Just snapped pictures.
Due to his energetic movements, he got Sullivan's attention. Can't you just here him, "What's that Dad? Where's he going?"
He was good though, just stepped back and watched patiently. I'm worried he may paw small animals out of curiosity and do damage. the other boys didn't pay any attention to either frog. They never have seemed to worry about them and have taken snake training well and leave snakes be.

The birds unfortunately have been hard to get photos of. I either don't have a camera due to handling Shiela. Keeping an eye on the three boys and riding herd on the senile old girl is enough of a challenge without trying to get good photos. However one of the days I took them out sans photographic tools we saw within a half mile two blue herons, a crane, and a pileated woodpecker flying over us. I've only heard these largest of the woodpeckers before, this is the first one I've seen. Wow, they're big!
This photo I snapped quick because I noticed what my friend Kim has been telling me about. It's the much awaited green haze. Leaves, very soon I believe will be out.
As you can see, it's getting green without them. Remember me sharing a snow filled picture of these?
This is the same park, little different area. And see the green haze in the trees back by the river? The leopard frogs really like this little field. You frequently hear them growling from the puddles and grasses as you walk by.
Bob sent me a text as we were heading back so we took a short cut and I still don't know how I managed to see this guy on the trail ahead of us. He was way up there and this was the closest my little camera would zoom before getting pixelated. I've seen these guys before and think they're ground hogs or one of the local species of Marmot. I know, I think of Marmot's as the Hoary Marmots that like high altitude taiga above the tree line back home. We called them whistle pigs because they give off a loud shrill whistle when startled to warn the rest of them around.
I swear they can sense when I am trying got get a good picture. I had the dogs in a  heel by me and he disappeared out of site. I thought at first perhaps it was a musk rat we've seen a couple times and he had gone down to the pond. But we found this hole when we got near where we saw him disappear. The boys were very interested in it so I'm sure he was down there. We moved on and left him in peace.
Speaking of peace, this morning we had a good walk with all the kids before heading to breakfast.
Just ask Sullivan and Tucker. They had a great morning. What's better than a walk on a good path and a nice stick sapling to carry around in the sun? Now, I have to go eat because I think The Guy is thinking my blood sugar is getting low as I fight with this computer. Have a good closing of the weekend everyone!


  1. I just love Sullivan! I had a dog that LOVED the biggest branches he could find too. Thanks for blogging!

  2. YES....we do whine about the weather here in Mi...especially me so you will just have to deal with it! I think it's because when the weather is NICE here it is REALLY you are soon to find out. We just want more of it! Big dog...big stick...too funny. No green haze yet at my neck of the woods...too far North. Should be soon.

  3. Great posting...the green haze brought back memories of Kansas and the fields and trees. Great frogs, too. Harder to find here in Wyoming even when I was much younger. Take care and give the kids lot of pets from me. - Joe