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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Home Again

So, I'm being really bad right now because I'm being very impatient. You see, we've been having a rolling thunderstorm across the area for most of the day and every time I either try to get on the computer or walk the dogs, the lightening and thunder start back up. And I decided that I was done so here I am on the computer to post about the 2014 Mens Rocky Mountain Knitting Retreat. Wish me luck...
It started out a bit auspiciously, as I discovered as we were on our final approach to the Denver airport that I had screwed up the last several rows of my socks. Above you can see the sock that I tore back to fix before setting back up on the needle to knit it two at a time with the other one. I did this standing outside at the airport while waiting for my ride to show up... Yeah I won't point fingers but someone got their days mixed up. While I'm on the subject, those socks are done! I'm working on another pair now. Whew, almost done with this sock challenge. I am now working on September's socks. I actually need to put these down as to work on a Mystery Knit Along pattern for the shop.
As for the retreat, it was as wonderful as expected from prior attendance. Frank and Brady once again did a wonderful job. As you can tell here, we had a good time. As per my usual, I didn't take a lot of photos, because I always forget I have a camera. I was too busy to remember I had a camera.

Too busy doing what, one might ask? Well... What happens at Yarn Camp stays at Yarn Camp. But let's just say I have assured that a new generation of young gay men have properly been traumatized, to assure the continued psychic bruising of Homo erectus flamboyutis. Slowly the knowledge now aware of the proper sound affect for a queef, and what happens when one has such an even while using clitter is working it's way through the next generation in an ever increasing ripple starting somewhere in SE Idaho. All I really have to say about all that is, "...and that's how Tinkerbell really did it."
However, I did manage to take my camera on the hike Saturday morning. Yes, some members of the species Homo erectus flamboyutis like to hike. Just accept it as the truth. How do you think those ancient genes in neolithic times made it across the world? I'll tell you, even back then we had to search out shiny things to make ourselves look FABULOUS.

Okay, enough with the gay agenda stuff there... I wore myself out. Seriously, we did go on a hike. That first picture of the five man hiking crew is from left to right, Gene, Frank, Bob, Jonathan, and Matthew. Okay, it was really a Seven man team. I was taking the picture and Michael chose to take the lower around Lilly Lake Trail instead of the up a steep trail Estes Cone trail.
Then here, you can see, we lost one. Bob wimped out, but I am in this frame as some passing hikers were bribed into taking our photo.
And then we lost Jonathan for the last 0.7 miles. Admittedly, the last .07 mile gained somewhere near 1000 feet of elevation. But we made it.
Though the going kind of sucked in some places. Let's just say, moving back to sea level then returning to +8000 feet of elevation isn't all that cool at 35.
Frank and I were first ones up... That's because Frank was chasing some eye candy. Don't deny it Frank.
And I tried to do some selfies on the little pinnacle of rock while light headed. Not so successful, let me just say.
It was beautiful, and we beat the rain down. Because all that blue sky was hiding a storm moving in. We didn't get it bad up there but it sounded like a couple of lower elevations down slope from Rocky Mountain National Park got some weather out of it, and the area is still recovering from last years floods.
On the way up I snapped this photo. Then I got home and was wondering what the hell I was snapping photos of. But then I looked closer.
This was the only deer of this small herd I was able to catch on film. If you look close to the lower left of the large picture she's hiding in there. We saw several elk over the days too, but I never had a camera on me when we did. And I somehow never managed to pull out my camera and get shots of the hovering line of hummingbirds at the lodges feeders.
The retreat was as fun as ever. What isn't great about a bunch of guys getting together in the woods to play with yarn? Well, sunburn isn't all that fun, but I lucked out there too. Bob got the worse of that. How could seven of us go on a hike and not a one of us bring sun block? Really?

I truly hope I get to return next year. It is planned to coincide with the Estes Park Wool Festival which I never got to attend while living in the area. So fingers crossed I can make the money work out.
We went up to the Weaver's Attic in Estes one day and they had some really neat antique looms. This one is about 130 years old. Not a single nail or screw in it as it is able to be completely broken down with a wallet and block.
It is a counter balance loom and was donated to them by a family that moved into the area with it. I believe the family was from the Minnesota area and were of Scandinavian ancestry and this was used for making rugs.
This too was a hand made loom that was donated to them. It is obviously a newer loom, but still a wonderful piece of textile history. They are still using these looms to weave on.
I snapped this photo on the last morning before leaving for the airport to return home. Who doesn't love hot air balloons?

Anyway, I better stop risking it and get off the computer before it gets bad here again. I promise more will come later now that I've returned home. But I need to do laundry and get dinner going. Wiener shnitzel anyone?


  1. Wimped out? ok fine... glad you made it home.

    1. Um... How about fell prey to their nicotine coated lungs?

    2. Um. yeah. but not smoking anymore.... I was also dizzy... and full of excuses.

  2. Looks like you had a great time!! Cindy and I went to Estes this year and pet and oogled all the wonderful yarn and fibery goodness, and somehow some of it came home with us!! How'd that happen?? Anyway perhaps next year we can have a meet up!!

  3. Great photos, Q. So grand to see you and spend time together. Next time we play "Cards Against Humanity" though - and I will be an active player - I suggest we do it on any night other than the last night of the retreat...I had to pull over for an hour long nap on my way home. Take care - Joe