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Friday, June 6, 2014

Nice Surprises and That Little Evil Voice

Well, we the house actually gave us a nice surprise this week. We had decided the living room carpet at the least just had to go and it was on my agenda for today but The Guy beat me to it while I was working last night.
Look what we found... We knew upstairs did not have hardwood, but we found this in the living room. What's that in the center? We're not sure what it used to be but there was an inlay that was pulled out, plywood placed over the hole before carpet was laid over it. Tomorrow we're going to go looking for a floor professional to come take a look and see what they can dog for us to make it a little nicer. There are a couple spots in it that need repaired and we're going to have to figure out what to do with that center spot. I'm thinking maybe a tile inlay that we can cover in the winter with a rug and in the summer the rug can be rolled away for dogs that need to do this.
Because it's hot. I'm thinking in addition to the rest of the things we need to get to this weekend, is to set up at least the bedroom A/C unit. It's time. And I think the dogs would appreciate it and a cool tile section of the floor to lay on in the living room, don't you?
So, now the entire downstairs is carpet free. Yay! And I have to say, I noticed even last night, the house smells better for it. Which it's always nice to not want to retch when you walk in the front door.
Maybe that's one of the reason's I seem to be feeling punchy lately. That and it's hot, and I don't do hot well but I'm trying. However, I've been noticing it at odd times that I'm snarky. We went to a movie for the first time since we left Casper this Sunday and while waiting for our movie to start the preview for Edge of Tomorrow with Tom Cruise came on. And I want to see it. Anybody that knows me and my movie choices and feelings towards Tom Cruise would be surprised at this. That is until I inform you all that I want to see it and would be willing to pay prime time movie ticket price just to get to watch Emily Blunt shoot Tom Cruise in the face over and over again. But I bet they showed that part over and over again in the preview just to get those people like me to do exactly that. She couldn't kill him that many time, can she?
See, it's thoughts like that that I sometimes wonder, "Where in the hell did that come from?" Then I remember I'm not nearly that nice of a person to not feel those kinds of things, and worse, to say them. But that's just because I know other people appreciate those sort of things too.
So, in a bit of an effort to be a nicer person, let's discuss this past week. We're slowly getting house work done. I got the diverter for a rain barrel up this afternoon in addition to the last of the carpet tack strips up and the nails out of the floor. I didn't get the rain barrel attached because the drill bit that was supposed to come with the kit, didn't. So maybe tomorrow I'll hit Home Depot.
We did get more outlets changed and exterior lights up. I did the little E-Dance on the latter by the garage while messing with the halogen flood light. It's bulb was out, I had tested the wires and contacts in the fixture with my little voltage thingy and they were all wrong. It's not the first time I've done that little dance, but damn I hate it. After that I went on a search for the light fixtures real electricity source and let's not discuss the fire hazard little jerry-rigged nightmare I found in the garage. Let's just say that it is no longer a fire hazard.
These pictures so far were the ones I had on the big camera that I was stalling to look at because I knew they had the final pictures of Shiela on them. But today I loaded them up and thought it was perfect time for a blog post.
For those that are going to ask, yes, I do think the boys are missing her too. She was a regular part of their lives even in the last couple years where her presence was less as she aged.
Her presence was as normal as the regular walks, and sunrise. They expressed it by being clingier than normal, as though in the case of Emmitt that is even a possibility, but then he knew her longest. However, the most telling event of their upset was on Wednesday when Sullivan did this.
What happened? Well, your guess is as good as mine. I think he ran into a tree while running with the boys and some other dogs we were with on the Provin Ski Trails. I don't think there was a bight because, well, with 7 or 8 dogs running and if someone bit, I think we would have had a fight. Hell, Sullivan didn't seem to even realize he was hurt. It's hard to tell but it's about the size of a deck of cards and this is the bloodiest it got.
After several apologies from the ladies that we were with we finished our last lap of the trails and headed back south for our new vet that just met the dogs the evening before. Seriously. Welcome to caring for our dogs. I was there for about 30-45 minutes waiting to see a doc, had them take a look, take him back to clean him up and I left and decided to go about what I had scheduled for the day.
When I got to the next place on my list, Tucker wouldn't get up. He moped in the back of the car and would only wag his tail as he lay there. Emmitt wouldn't stop panting despite it being a cool damp day and seemed unsettled. That's when it dawned on me. Last week we went to the vet, I went in with Shiela, came out without her and she never came back home. A week and a day later I go into the vet with Sullivan and come out without him. Then I felt a bit guilty. But I went into the yarn shop for knitting anyway.
Then I came out and took them for a walk (those are the above three pictures. You've seen this boardwalk before but never with all those leaves!) before going to look at flooring and what not. The entire time was the same. To make things worse, Emmitt barked at everyone that passed the car, even after being told off for it. and then the vet in Ada called and told me Shiela's ashes were ready for pick up. So I did that too, might as well finish off traumatizing my dogs.
Before picking up the big guy we went to dinner, where Emmitt again got in trouble for barking, but seemed relieved when Silly Sully wobbled out of the vet on still kind of unsteady legs. I keep telling him that chicks love scars, even if you are a ball-less wonder.
He kind of stood around and slobbered that night before going up to bed with The Guy. It was kind of endearing in a damp sort of way. WhenI came to bed I had to guide him from the bed into the spare bedroom that he has adopted as his own as he was even more wobbly from anesthesia after sleeping for about an hour. I covered him with a blanket and closed all the windows in the room so he wouldn't get chilled and went to bed myself. And at some point in the night Sullivan decided he preferred the walk in closet. And took not only himself, but his blanket with him to bed.
Isn't that adorable? He now has a blankie that I need to wash as he got some blood on it. He was there this morning when I drug my butt from bed at 630 again. Seems he prefers it there over that big cushy queen sized bed. Ridiculous as usual.
Oh yeah, saw mama here with her ducklings hiding in the brush as we were leaving the boardwalk. She knew as soon as I stopped to snap a picture that I had spotted her and she was off into the current with her babies. Sorry, a lot of these shots are with my phone. Sometimes it does wonderfully, like the shot of the boys on the boardwalk, sometimes not so much. And it never helps when I'm taking shots through branches.
Anyway, we've been enjoying the yard if nothing else of the new house. Doesn't he look like he's enjoying himself? Never mind the mower deck, broke again so we can't mow until we get it back. Hopefully before the grass gets to long...
Again... Can't even see his frisbee he's playing with. It's bright red if you can believe it.
But life is always good with a nice grassy lawn and a stick.
Even better if someone will play with you and the stick in said lawn.
Today while I was cleaning up my mess with rain diverter, I saw a nice sized olive toned snake quickly slither into my lilies. I think it was either a smooth green snake in it's juvenile coloring or a racer. It didn't want to be near me though and stayed hidden while I went about my business. I saw a garter snake the other day in the lawn and we've seen frogs here and there though they have fallen silent in the evenings now as mating has come to an end. One of these times I'll have a camera on me when I stumble across them. However I did get this young and/or little grasshopper in frame the other night that The Guy pointed out to me.
And I got these yesterday while getting ready to pack myself and Sullivan up to go to work. We won't speak of the full water bottle I forgot I had chilling in the freezer...
I think between the stress of moving, unpacking, fixing up, cleaning, losing Shiela, and Sullivan's injury, we both seem to be forgetful lately.
Shush smart asses, more so than normal.
And off to the next flower. There was one buzzing around the aforementioned lilies trying to find blossoms. But no, the stalks just keep getting taller but no blossoms out yet.
Let us not forget the birds that make Sullivan nervous and grumbly as he stares at them through the front window. Those dang Turkey's... Sorry, i was snapping these through the window screen if you can't tell.
"Do girls really dig scars?"
Okay, it may be a bit before I get another post up. I will try before I leave Wednesday for the Rocky Mountain Men's Knitting Retreat, but no promises. I stuff to get done.


  1. Thank goodness Sully is on the mend. Poor boy. And the others too, missing Sheila. It definitely will take all of the household time to adjust. Here's hoping they don't freak out too much while you are in Colorado.
    Thanks for sharing all the great photos. I hope I can get so good at it someday.
    Looking forward to seeing you at retreat. I'm also leaving Wednesday morning and will be staying overnight at a cousin's home in Cheyenne. I'm planning on lunch at the Nepalese restaurant in Nederland on Thursday, but don't know what my timetable will be like as far as arrival. {That, and the lodge.} I am so anticipating that good cooking. And the retreat in will be my first real "Me" time since we were there last year.
    Take care and see you Thursday. I may not be on line before leaving town, due to work schedule and such, BTW. - Joe

  2. Glad to see that everyone is doing ok this week. Have a great time at the retreat! Wish you could beam yourself a few hours more north for a little visit!

  3. love the idea for tile inlay. poor sullivan...i'm falling in love with him even though i've never met him!! so adorable that he took his blanket into the closet. dogs are so funny. enjoyed all the pictures and i just love hanging out with you via your blog. :-)

  4. Great post, Q! Thank you for sharing all the pictures of your new surroundings! Poor Sullivan! Hope he mends quickly! I know when I don't feel well I always want my blanket too. Have a safe trip to the retreat. I'm so jealous of Joe I can't hardly stand it!