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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

It's Just going to be one of those...

You know the type, they sneak up on you. It didn't help that sleeping just hasn't been working out so well for me, then I got home last night and noticed the side door to the garage was open. Stepped into the house, greeted the dogs, noticed the television wasn't on the TV stand and the Guy asked from upstairs if I just got home. That's when it hit. We had been broken into.
That's right. Again. This time by a true thieving bastard. And Emmitt was in the house.
As was Tucker.
And last but not least, Sullivan. Who in the hell breaks into a house with three dogs inside, and one of them is a full grown Great Dane? Obviously my guys are not stellar watch dogs. We have done so much work with them and they are so socialized I think they just keep their distance. However, if one of us were to be threatened directly, some shit would hit the fan...

As far stuff taken, it was easily pawned electronics. All five of our various cameras, and the television. That stuff is just stuff and can be replaced. They also took our firesafe with all of our identity type things as well. That, is a bit of a pisser. So we are in the process of of trying to get those replaced. Oh Joy. And that alone makes me eager to get my hands on who ever did this. They could have had the "stuff". Stuff is easy to come by. But my passport? Not cool. I know they took that little fire sentry safe assuming it's heavy, there is probably a gun and perhaps some cash. Nope. Just our important documents. If by any chance you read this, please bring those back. You can just leave it by the door.
And if by any chance who ever did do this, read this, Thank you for not letting our dogs our or doing anything to harm them.

Okay, enough with that because my blood is starting to boil again. Just a heads up, until I replace cameras and such, this blog is about to get a bit thin on photos. Sorry. These few I did take with the iPad.
While the evidence tech was inside taking pictures and dusting for prints, I snagged these of the garden and the dogs.
Okay Kim, stop reading here. Beware, snakes ahead.

The other night I snagged these photos with my phone.
We have a couple snakes living around the house, and one had caught themselves a frog.
I've seen the snakes retreating to these ornamental grasses a few times now, so I think they are using them as housing, which is just fine by me. Keep rodents down. This one is actually a small garter snake. There is a larger racer I've seen couple times now too. To be honest, I'm impressed with the quality of images my little iPhone takes at times.
This one doesn't count though, I was snapping it through the window screen in the rain storm. Any camera on auto focus would have fought it.

Okay, off to try to recover a birth certificate copy. You all have a good night. Oh, and to the Wyoming Fiber Skeinks, it was so good to chat with you all on Face Time for a few minutes today.

Have a good night.


  1. Man that stinks!! Silly dogs!! Maybe the thieves bribed them with steak!! That would explain it!! But as you said it is just stuff, and they did not harm your dogs. Still it sucks!! Hope the police catch the bastards!! It was great to talk to you today!! We Wyoming skienks do miss you!! Hope things in your little world start to look up! (although a certain someone is hoping that all this yuckiness in your life will bring you back to Wyoming!! Ah well, it is good for her to have dreams!! : p LOL)

  2. Hey!! So I'm a little slower in getting over things!! We all deal in our own way and on that note, did Bob start packing like I told him too? No? No one ever listens to me! Argh! If you get a chance look up "The Life Train -Power Presentation" on fits my perspective on relationships during our lifetime. And yes, it is rather sappy. : )

    About your blog.....Holy Crap! Break ins scare the crap out of me!! I'm so glad the boys are okay. What a terrible experience! I'm impressed the police took fingerprints. I hope they catch him soon!

    Loved the pics! Loved seeing/talking to you today! Blog again soon! Cindy

  3. UGGG...the snakes! I believe the dogs probably just watched the robber...they are so calm about all. But you are right..just stuff and thank goodness the dogs were left alone.

  4. How terrible! Still...glad the dogs are okay and I also hope the police catch the criminals. I really hated to find out there was a spinning day and I couldn't be there because of work. But that is just how it goes. Still getting to know my new spindle but I think we are developing a very mutual relationship. Take care - Joe

  5. can't believe they robbed a house with all those dogs in there...!! scary!! welcome to the neighborhood, right. dang, that so bites!!

  6. Those rat bastards! How dare they mess with you guys. I hope you get the documents back. Be sure to put some identify theft alerts on your accounts, just to be on the safe side. Just despicable.

    Glad everyone's ok and that the dogs weren't hurt. Sheesh.

  7. That is just terrible. I wish that the dogs had scared them away, but am grateful that the dogs weren't hurt. The fire safe... what an awful thing to have stolen. I'm so sorry.