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Thursday, September 25, 2014

I better get to it

And give a blog post since I was trying for today at the latest, though I'm short on time.

So, it's been busy here. Yesterday I spent the day designing, messing around with dogs, and getting another job. Yep, I have another part time job working in a local pharmacy. Fingers crossed that all goes well, it begins tomorrow. A little more money in is a good thing since publishers clearing house still hasn't knocked on my door.

As you can see, country living is still agreeing with us. I love being able to hang clothes and sheets to out on the line when the breeze from across the fields doesn't smell of pig poo.

However, the boys and I decided to amble around downtown the other day while the sun was out and people were busy at work.

I thought perhaps it would get me a touch more familiar with the area to walk the streets at a slower pace than trying to figure them out behind the wheel of a car.

I think the dogs prefer their country yard... Of course, the grate they're sitting on so I can snap this picture was very disturbing to Sullivan. I decided today as we were walking that perhaps we should have named him Don Quixote. His imagination seems to be just as grand as the "noble" knight.

Fall is sliding in, the next post will have some pictures with color in them as the nights get cooler here. We're definitely enjoying the cooler weather however. The day temps are still warm, but with it dropping down at night the house stays comfortable enough that The Guy took the A/C units out of the windows this past weekend. It's amazing how much more open the rooms they were in feel with their absence.

This is the "Grand Vitesse". It's a landmark to be sure, and you can read more about here:

Like everywhere else lately though, the wasps were very bothersome around it. I had noticed them in our own yard, but it seems with the cooler weather they are much more present as they prepare their nests to survive the winter as they themselves won't.

Been playing in the kitchen as usual, despite the sensitive gut that's been plaguing me. Made some lovely stir fry not long ago that used up the last of my saffron. MMMMmmmm, I love saffron rice, don't you?

Our little grocery store has nice produce but not a lot of selection, so since I couldn't get any napa cabbage I settled on some brussel sprouts sliced and thrown on top to steam at the end of the cook session. Came out really good, no matter what The Guy says. Even Tucker enjoyed them. I have also made pear sauce (a lot like apple sauce just a bit fresher tasting), potato soup and tried my hand at rice pudding. If anyone has a good recipe for rice pudding, let me know. Mine is okay, but it's lacking something.

That's about it, except to let any local readers know that we're going to be launching a Mystery Knit Along of my own design at the yarn store on Monday nights through the month of October. Come on down if you're interested... More details to come.

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