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Saturday, September 6, 2014

When it rains...

It pours... Thursday morning I woke to the sound of Thunder and all three boys chilling out in bed with me. They weren't even trying got wake me up to go for a walk. I got up, threw them out to potty real quick, did the same myself and as I was letting them back in, I noticed this site.

Now thats the way to wake up! Then the storm it was escorting hit. It was a doozy, with a good light and sound display and lots of rain. I can get used to this only watering a couple weeks out of the year instead of aaaallllllllll summer long.

Anyway, it wasn't a bad storm, and when it headed off to the north and east I hit the road with the kids. They were needing their walk, as was I. Since it was later than usual and I didn't have a lot of plans for the day besides a couple errands, we did a good 6 miler.

I also shot a little video, you might have to turn up your volume quite a bit to hear much of anything. Nothing exciting, just singing bugs in the humid heat of the day.

Yesterday I had a meeting at work until about 7pm, and we had one doozy of a storm. I can't even tell you how many lightening strikes I saw on the way home. The radio today kept saying that there were some 400,000 Michigan residents without power due to downed lines. I believe it because as I headed home from Ada, there were many times I had to go around limbs or trees on the road. I took quite some time to get home and I count us lucky to still have our power after last October... Though, if it's going to happen, this is the time of year that it would be okay. No freezing pipes, or frigid houses. Do you hear me mother nature? I'm sure I'd still whine, but less so, and you all wouldn't hear much of is anyway since I wouldn't be able to blog about it with no power.

Due to the evening storm, when the Guy and the kids went out for their later than normal walk, it was more moist and humid than normal. I noticed that it had gotten dark and as I passed by the front door I hit the front lights, and interrupted a little discovery channel fun on the front path. This fairly big garter snake had been in the process of hunting down a toad that quickly used the interruption to hop to the plants.

But don't worry, I checked in on him to make sure he was safe and get a picture.

He's a sizable toad. I re-hid him in the plants where I found him and finished up this little clothesline pin bag I've been working on the last couple days.

It's not quite as big as I was wanting, but that happens when you just make it up as you go. I know, I should have looked for a pattern, but that was a waste of time and I wanted a quick easy knit. Next time I'll get it on the mark. This is honestly how I knit most things, and it has some advantages, but some big disadvantages as well, especially when you work in a yarn store. Last night at the meeting they were asking about designers, and I don't follow designers nor would I pay to go to most retreats to work with a designer. I would however pay to go to a retreat that taught an interesting technique, because I'm all about learning new techniques. I am always looking to add to my arsenal. Alas, I probably need to do some designer homework.

Anyway, this was a spur of the moment knit that will probably be redone some day, and not with an old gnarly green wire coat hanger thats coating was cracking off and was no longer holding shape well for use as a hanger. It's second reincarnation will be a little more polished. However I am happy that I used this yarn for something along this lines. It was one of those that looked kind of cute for little kids in the skein, but I don't like the blue skies peeking through brown smog look of it knit up.

Well, I better come up with the next event (flea and tick treatment for the boys) of the day. we've been busy with the usual first weekend of the month duties such as dog baths, brushing, toe nail trims, Heartworm med dosing, playing between sessions of chores to make them go by a little easier. Just thought I'd throw a quick blog post up since I had a couple pictures to show off!

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  1. Great photos, Q. Nice clothes pin bag...even for a first prototype. Take care - Joe