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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Some Bloggers...

Just can't be counted on! So sorry, it's been busy around here, and I've been a bit under the weather. However, I'm aware that this is a Tune Tuesday and wanted to get this up quick and promise that I will return (I'm hoping tomorrow or Thursday) to give you guys and idea what's going on and how we're doing.

As for Tune Tuesday, I hope you enjoy Andy Moore. I have been leaning towards singer/songwriter folksy stuff lately. Possibly because I'm working on that spinning fiber that keeps making me sing "Turtle Dove" to myself over and over again. Anyway, I'm always a bit sad that this gal fell off the map as far as new music goes, but love this song of hers the most. It's just such a great break up song. Who hasn't felt that need to relearn who one's self is after a break up? I think in most bad relationships that fail, there is that losing of one;s self that must be recovered from therefore this song speaks to most that have had that said, bad relationship. We all need at least one so we recognize the good ones, no?

Have a good night folks. Video is from vsdevera's youtube channel, for those that want more like this.


  1. Sorry to hear you aren't feeling great....hope it passes quickly.

  2. Feel better...miss chatting with you.....Bloody Marys at Reds soon??!!!