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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Sometimes you just need a hug

So, I ended up with a day off today that was completely unexpected. With all this time to myself I finally wrapped up that project on the loom. I promise I will post a picture after I get the ends tied up and decided what it is in the end. I have two extra skeins of yarn which at 410 yards apiece is a lot to decide what to do with.

This ones for you Betsy. We got some rain and the shrooms are a'bloom'n.

We also went to a movie. Spoiler alert! For all you adults hoping for another hit like Chicken Run from Shawn the Sheep, don't waste your time or the admission price. Not bad, but really meant for kids, not all ages. It's a long movie with no real spoken dialogue. Oh, and Tiffany, in case you read this, "Gasp, GNOMES!!!" It sill makes me smile, hope it does you too.

As for Midge, she had a stressful walk. She did pretty good as usual until we had some joggers come by. She was not impressed by this form of exercise though she tried to miimic it later in the walk. Don't worry, she's back to her feisty self. She just had a little moment and needed some cuddling. Later when she was trying to climb me, The Guy took her off my shoulder and earned a panicked claw from right nostril to chin. It wasn't out of spite, just a "I NEED TO HOLD ON TO SOMETHING SO IT SHALL BE YOUR FACE!" moment. Really, it was more of a she was reaching into space and his face happened to be there. But doesn't she look cute?!?

Okay everyone, have a great week. And to you school people (Cindy, Dana, Sara) good luck with other peoples kids. I'll catch up with you all later in the week. I promise.



  1. runners scare me too...but mostly i just want to trip them as they pass me, especially at bird ridge

  2. I love that you are walking your cat! Too cute! I took both kids to the Shaun the Sheep movie and they loved it. My 3 yr old was engaged the whole time, which is shocking. Usually he's done about half way through the movie. I enjoyed it too because there wasn't as much screaming/intensity/quick takes/ADHD/flash/flash/scream/scream/ahhhhhhhh as there are in other animated movies these days. It's like they make the movies more manic so the kids will pay attention but I think it works in the reverse for many - sensory overload. Anyway, so we enjoyed Shaun the Sheep. School starts this week and yes, waaaaaahhhhhh! :)

  3. What a good daddy to take it on the chin! What parenthood is all about....providing comfort even when you are in pain. Love that the kitty is a part of the walking.
    School starts tomorrow . Can't wait to see the kiddos. They are the best part of this job plus then we are done with sitting in meetings for awhile. LY. Cindy

  4. Forgot to ask about the beautiful mushroom. Is that one poisonous ?

  5. Oh man! What a face on that baby!! She is so lucky she can get hugs!! Those runners can be so scary!!! Give her a squish for me!! Still missing you! Dana