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Friday, August 28, 2015

There is no excuse

Here I am saying I'm going to strive to blog more... And then I don't. If it helps, I've been on the computer precious little this last week outside of work. In fact, I went to use the iPad today and it was dead. Battery was sapped and I don't recall the last day I opened it and even knew the charge level.

To be honest, The Guy has once again been out of town this week. Which when combined with a shifted work schedule, threw me and the kids for a loop. Well, except the kitten, I had to work hard to throw her for a loop.

Since we tried moving all her stuff downstairs, she decided to revolt by peeing in odd places. So, once again we have a litter box upstairs and some other steps have been taken to alter her behavior, which I had a feeling was the real issue despite the vet insisting she come in to make sure she didn't have urinary tract infection.

And due The Guys absence and her need of play and time, she has gotten to learn how to go for a walk with her boys this week! She is actually doing surprisingly well with such a plan. She goes just over a mile before she is done, and seems to be a bit more mellow at home, especially when I am trying to sleep. Which is slowly increasing her chances of survival to adulthood.

She didn't wake me up last night pretending I was her private trampoline, but I did wake up the feel of fur in a personal place and realized she had crawled under the covers to cuddle. She was not punished in anyway, but was moved out of the sheets for a cuddle as I am allergic to the wee heathen.

I was getting ready for work and found her and Sullivan goofing off on our bed. Whatever keeps them happy.

The cat is not the only trouble in the house though. Late last night as I was finally getting to bed, I laid down, closed my eyes and took a deep breath. And I smelled it. It didn't smell good. I stopped, sniffed again, then started smelling my hands, my arms, trying to find the offensive smell in the dark. Finally, I got up, turned on the light and there it was... You see, Emmitt is a problem child in wanting to always lay on my pillows. He managed to pull down the covers, floor on them and get chicken shit on my pillow. The pillow my head was laying on. He's no longer allowed on the bed at all until he figures out he is not allowed on the pillows, and I need to find a way to keep the chickens away from the back door where they keep crapping for it to be tracked into the house. Damn hens...

Speaking of hens, we're getting lots of eggs. atlas 2m typically three a day. One day there was an attempt at 4 but the last ones shell wasn't completely formed and I found it broken in the nest box.

And the pears are ripening up and falling from the tree, which are bring in the wasps. And the pies.

I spent a good chunk of today making a couple pies. One for us here and one to go to the yarn shop tomorrow. If they come out as good tasting as they look, I'll share the recipe I kind of winged today. Including a homemade caramel sauce to top them. MMmmmmmhm.

Despite it all, last week I did get some spinning done.  I wrapped up The North Rim, which came out to be about 250 yards of sport/dk weight wonderfulness that I think will become something for me.

Look at those beautiful subtle colors. It's 100% combed Masham top.

And this last week in my down time I dug into this Merino Tencil, the only thing I bought from this years West Michigan Fiber Festival.

I'm still not sure what I think of the finished yarn. It ended up being about 300 yards of sport weight 3 ply. Most fibers seem to get deeper color as you spin and I feel like this one mellowed out. Grrrr, the kitten is trying to play in my lap as I type this, forget all the nice things I said about her earlier.

That's okay, she needs to get some of it out of her system before I try returning to the loom in a bit as I won't let her goof off around that. In fact, she is banned from the fiber room still. Just a precaution. I finally got the remainder of my yarn so I can wrap up this project before I attack the next one.

And I have been occasionally playing with another pair of socks. Always have to have a pair of socks, they make a good travel project for the car, or a plain, or a boat for that matter. I decided to try a hemmed top to give it a nice cushy band at the top. IT WAS A GIANT PAIN IN THE TOOKUS. Just in case you're thinking of doing the same, don't. Not that I don't like the result, but my god it was tedious and painful work on size 1 needles.

Okay, I'm done whining. I'm going to go hack into a pie and do some more weaving. Hope you all have a great weekend as mine is now done!


  1. always love reading your posts and seeing all your pics!!

  2. Loved the pictures! That little kitty is a kick! Thanks for blogging! Miss you! Cindy

  3. I love your little kitty!! She has a personality that one!! Love that she goes on a walk with the boys!!! Your yarn is beautiful!!! So good to hear from you!! MIss you bunches!!! Dana

  4. Love all your yarn and projects!! Hugs!