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Monday, May 28, 2012

Snake Training!

This morning after a bit of spinning I decided to take the kids on a bike ride, which sounds fun, right? Well, i was mostly fun except that part about pedaling into the wind and figuring out how to carry a bag of dog poop while riding. Thank goodness for bungee cords... for the dog poop, not for the wind.

But, back on track. As we rounded a curve we ran into this fella on his way between ponds hinting the singing frogs.
He's a gorgeous three foot Bull Snake. And since where we ride there's normally rattlers, I was happy to see this guy. Bull snakes tend to push rattles snakes out since they share the same habitats, many of the same preys and not only compete for foods, bull snakes have been known to eat a rattlesnake occasionally. And since they're non-venomous, it was a perfect time to do some dog training with a snake. They all did wonderfully. In fact, despite his wiggling along to new hunting grounds they stayed back and left him alone enough that he didn't once coil up and get defensive. Now, I had to convince an older gentleman with his grandson that it was in fact a good non-venomous snake and stayed to make sure they didn't kill it, but my kids, did wonderfully. I'm so proud of them.

But, lets back track a bit. I spun a bit this morning.

In fact, I started working on the Kool-Aid dyed roving. So Far, I like it and it's about what I was going for. Now the purple and blue dyed isn't quite what I was hoping for but I'm still hopeful that my "under-the-sea" yarn will look nice. What I'm going to do with nobody truly knows, but it's all about the journey, no? I was thinking about plying the blue and green stuff with the purple and blue stuff, but this morning as my mind wondered as the fiber slipped through the fingers, I thought about taking one of my friends that have offered their loom up for the learning process up on the offer. We'll see when we get there I guess.

And speaking of spinning, I turned this:
Well, more specifically, this:
Photo from:

Into this, as you may recall:

And this, it has started to become this:
This is going to be the Kimono Shawl form Cheryl Oberle's Folk Shawls Copyright 2000
I'm Excited! So much so I have to pee... Well, that has more to do with my water intake this morning; regardless,I have to go, see you all later and have a great holiday,


PS: I forgot to tell you, I finished the market bags!

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