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Friday, May 25, 2012

So Much for Catching Up

On a high note, Bob is home! He's been gone for the last two weeks solid, but for practically the last three weeks due to my own schedule and his bouncing between Casper, Chicago, Casper, and D.C. So this morning I took way too much pleasure in sending his butt out with the dogs as I stayed at home and knit on my second market bag.
Crappy IPod Quickpic photo, sorry.

This project was my little escape from cowls. After doing several of them I just needed a break and last weekend at the shop someone else brought this pattern (Ilene Bag) in and  decided it would be my reward for being on top of Christmas knitting. So, I whipped out a couple and now we're talking about offering this as a class for summer projects.

The green and tan one was made from the Classic Elite Yarn Firefly. I then decided I had to have two so I made the blue one from Classic Elite's Cricket yarn. It's blue because I just can't seem to get excited about the green that's available in Cricket. Overall, I really like the pattern despite the fact that I felt the need to change it. That's just me, nothing personal Hannah Ingalls, I have a problem, not your pattern.

I'm super excited for the farmers market or just going to the Natural Grocers to use my bags. Is that sad? Okay, I really didn't need to ask that question, I knew the answer.

I did get a little better picture of the cantaloup colored fiber. I have a batch pre-drafted and ready for spinning. Pulled out the big nice camera to try and snag a nicer shot of it.

I like! I'm going to be hard pressed to not dig into this before the Grand Canyon trip. And as for fiber, I have most of the Jacob fleece spun and washed.
I decided to leave this a single ply lace weight yarn to make a shawl out of it for my mom. Well, possibly my mom. I was considering plying it with some green blended merino I bought in Boulder but decided I loved the subtle grays and browns of it all on it's own. And it has so much lanolin still in it that it smells divine! Well, to those of us who like the scent of sheep.

It's so far my most consistent width spun yarn and was a joy to spin. There is some over twist despite washing but I still love it and am excited to jump into it. I have about the last quarter to still finish up but as it stands now I have about 960 yds of yarn. So, fingers crossed I have plenty for a decent sized project.

So sorry about the lack of update here. When Bob is gone and I work 2 of the 3 weeks he's gone I have very little time for anything other than working my 12hr shifts, walking my monsters to get some energy off them while I'm at work, and sleeping for what little bits of time I can manage. But, life is good now.

On the note of life in general, I have decided to start the Ideal Protein plan. Now, before anyone feels the need to scream and shout, this is my choice. I hit 190 pounds this year and I figured it would be cheaper and easier to get things under control now, than lets say at 250 pounds. I realize I carry my weight well and don't appear to almost weigh 200, but as it stands, I'm the smallest person in the family and would like to keep it that way. Well, I would love for all of us to lose weight, but I can only choose for myself.

I have to say, I was impressed with lunch yesterday. It was delicious, even if a bit much.

Hope you all have a great holiday weekend,

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  1. Love the Jacob's fleece yarn, Q. Nearly a 1000 yards ought to make a quite large shawl. And that canteloupe roving looks yummier and yummier. Looking forward to seeing it spun up. See you - Joe