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Friday, May 4, 2012

To Be Quoted, or Not To Be Quoted, That Is A Dilemma

Do you ever fear being quoted? I hope not, because it's one of those nagging fears that you just can't seem to leave behind; and if outrageous things come out of your mouth at times, there's not a a darn thing you can do about it. I suffer from this fear, and I've found the best way to combat it is to just march right into it. You know, instead of worrying about what I might say, just put anything I might say out there on the internet as a blog to make it even easier for people I don't know to quote me.

But this week I feel as though I may have more than the usual quotes to worry about. Especially since I was told today by someone that she was going to quote me. I had stated that someone was kind of like a well used car. She had a few dings and scratches, a hole or two in her muffler making her harder to shut up and perhaps a cracked axle which just means it was a hard and fun ride at times. Where this even came from, I don't know, but the person (whom I'm growing to love) sitting next to me said "I'm going to use that" and I quaked in fear. How exactly would she use such a quote? Then she stated she was going to use it because another professor had stated she needed to have an analogy for quantitative reasoning. I know, I had the same thought... How in the world is being like a well used car like quantitative reasoning? Well, I have faith in her and her North Carolina roots and accent to make it work, in fact, I kind of want to hear how she makes it work.

But now the cat and I sit downstairs drinking moonshine and knitting and I worry about other things I said this week in front of this person while under the influence of said moonshine.
Okay, so she's sleeping, but I'm knitting on the blanket that will never be done.
You see, Monday my spinning partner and I after finishing are Starbucks drinks, went on a search for food and found this.
Which made knitting a lot of fun, and it's been whispering to me since so I bought some more on my way home today. It's lovely smooth grain alcohol with strawberries floating in it. I thought they were red potato's at first glance...
See, they kind of look like it. Well, of course we had to buy it and it came back to the yarn store for spinning and knitting and sharing. And this is where my fear of other quotes comes from.

You see, we've had an amazing influx of new knitters. Not only are they new knitters, but they're fun knitters who can laugh at the accidents that occur in knitting and the solutions we sometimes come up with (albeit, sometimes the funny solutions happen with moonshine consumption. Okay, the mistakes too). When this new knitter asked kind of surreptitiously, "You're going to knit and drink at the same time? Is that a good idea?"

Where my response was, "Oh please, I drink and knit all the time." Which I would like to point out is not true. Sometimes yes, but not all the time, and I do realize there are limits to the mixing of these two pastime activities and try to respect them as such.

But after the first round, I was called to the cozy little couch area for some assistance and when trying to step over a bag on the floor, I had one of those balance off kilter moments. You know the ones, you just stand there with you're foot raised off the floor, telling your mind to step forward, but for whatever reason unable to. Well, I put the foot back down, took a breath and proceeded to then go where I was needed. Well, at the wary look I got from a couple people I remarked rather wittily I thought, "I said I drink and knit all the time, not drink and walk."

You see where I'm going with this? That's right, I'm afraid she'll use that quote. And not in some funny quip  in a bar when she next has that balance issue when she slips from her bar-stool with her knitted socks in hand, but when telling someone about this guy she once knew that knitted while throwing back shots.

So of course, I had to come here and set the record straight, didn't I? Of course I did. Now, back to my ever-loving blanket and napping Smudge cat. Don't worry, I already finished tonight's allotment of moonshine and put it away. Just like drunk dialing, I try not to drunk blog. It's just embarrassing for all involved, and creates more quotable quotes and let's face it, I don't need the help.

Have a great weekend everybody,

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