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Friday, July 27, 2012

A Knitting Update: Paquito

So, believe it or not, in all the other hectic craziness that has been my life the last bit (I think an insane part of my brain likes it like that), I have in fact been knitting.

I got these done for myself, which I am loving.

They are very comfortable.
And I got clue 2 of the Stephen West Mystery Knit Along done yesterday, just in time to get clue 3 today. 

But I fear I do have to be honest. I don't like it as a knit for myself. Now, before everyone jumps to Stephen's defense, let me just clarify... I don't like it as a knit for myself. There is nothing wrong with the design or pattern thus far, I am justr not enjoying it. I have found that regarding Stephen's designs there seems to be two main camps. Those that love them, love working his patterns, and adore the man himself. And then the rest of us, who can appreciate his design work, but don't particularly love his knitting up his work.

I am falling into this second category, but I promise to give it another whorl. I will finish this piece and promise to do another of his pieces outside of a knit along. Heck, it mght just be the mystery knit along that i'm not enjoying. So, I will try again, but thus far if I'm going to rave about a male knitter/designer, I'm still a Jared Flood man myself. Nothing personal guys, just a personal taste as far as styles.

How's that for trying to keep the uproar to a minimum? I must really be tired this morning if I'm trying for diplomacy.

As for the weight loss, I wore away my retreat pounds already and am sitting at my goa despite my naughty cooking for Bob's sisters stay with us...

Gotta love lasagna. And I have to say, my lasagna is damn good lasagna, even if I can't have moose meat and reindeer sausage like back home.

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