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Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Have you ever had one of those trips where you have looked forward to it for so long, then love it while your there and hate it as it ends but by the time you get home, it just feels so good to walk in the front door? Well, this years Men's Rocky Mountain Knitting Retreat was exactly that for me. I really didn't want it to draw to a close, but now that I'm home I am having a hard time finding reasons to leave the house.

It was a blast as it was expected to be, but I was much more comfortable going into it knowing that I'd know most of the people present . That alone I think made it a much more enjoyable time and easier on me to just relax and have fun around a group. That, and it was arranged by the dynamic duo Brank and Frady. Oops, I mean Frank and Brady. They do such a wonderful job pulling together all the pieces to this event that it is quickly becoming my Christmas in July. Well, minus the family members yelling at one another, other peoples tears and the rage that only family holiday's spent stuck under one roof can bring.

Now, the only problem I can see is that I'm having such fun just being there, I always forget to pull out the camera. I did take it with on our trip of Trailridge Road from Estes Park to Granby and got a couple pictures, but that was it. Seriously, 4 days and all I could manage was these few pictures. As much as I love photography, my fingers would much rather be in the yarn.

So, here they are.
Rocky Mountain National Park from above
Gene looking a little mischievous...
A pretty little pose from Tim in an effort to be even cuter. I don't think it's possible.
Frank giving us a sunny smile while Joe is being, well, Joe.
Kurtis looking absolutely disgusted with me and my camera
I love mountains...
Thank you so much to everyone for a lovely weekend knitting in the mountains. Tucker and I truly appreciated the mini vacation. You were all so much fun to hang out with. Especially QJoe and Bob who made a long drive amazingly fun and full of laughs, Frank and Brady for putting it all together, and Cathy and Cory for providing shelter and amazing eats.


  1. Great blog entry, and a succinct and fitting description of the event. And don't worry about the number of photos...I'll be posting enough over the next week to bore the crap out of anyone that cares :) Joe being Joe, indeed.

  2. Great summary of the Retreat, Quinton. Thanks for being my transport and letting me share time with Tucker....Skwurl! - Joe