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Monday, July 16, 2012

Spoiler Alert: Stephen West MKAL 2012

Okay, for my few non-knitter readers, a MKAL is a mystery knit-a-long. Basically a bunch of crazy people sign up for some self torture by buying a pattern that they get in pieces on a schedule that offer no pictures just directions or clues as to how to finish a "mystery" object. I was somehow talked into doing such an item (I have to admit, it's kind of fun), and am posting pictures here of the first weeks clue. There are four clues to this particular pattern released over 4 consecutive weeks.

And for any others that are not in the know, Stephen West is as a well known male knit wear designer.

I got this piece of the shawl (we happen to know that it is going to be a shawl in the end, but that's about it) finished early this morning in the wee quiet hours of work. Now I have a long wait until Friday for the next part of the puzzle.

I originally fell prey to the idea of this project on Thursday of last week. I picked out my two yarns that we were instructed to and promptly forgot them at the yarn store. So in my irritation I went stash diving and replaced one of the yarns with the green kettle dyed fingering weight yarn that I got from Gypsy Wool last year on our Rocky Mountain Men Who Knit knitting retreat. This is coming up here at the end of the week and I thought it would be appropriate to take a project with me that was utilizing some yarn I got there last year. I think the slight color changes in the green contrast beautifully with the solid dark chocolate brown of the Cascade Heritage 150. I just finished a pair of socks with some camel colored yarn of this same brand and a pair of yoga socks with Cascade Quatro Sock yarn. They are both good yarns, but I have to say, teh Heritage 150 has me sold for any future socks for myself. It's a nice thick cushy merino/nylon blend that knits up wonderfully. Quatro is a bit harsher feeling and busy for my taste for socks for me, but I still found it to be a good yarn.

I've ever done a KAL, much less a mystery KAL, or a Stephen West pattern. So far it's been a nice little project though the repeats to get this curved item were enough to make me want to scream. It felt like the ribbing on the top of a sock. You know you're just about done when you want to drive your own knitting needles into your eyes to get out of doing anymore.

So, it's time for me to go off to bed. I probably won't get around to another blog post until after the retreat. Hope you all have a great week and weekend! Stay safe.


  1. I love the Colors!!! So glad you got sucked into joining us!! LOL Have fun at your retreat, Cindy and I will hold the fort/shop down while you are gone!! Dinobower

  2. I have never done a KAL but after I see yours I just might consider it. Lovely choice of colours.