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Monday, October 15, 2012

A Post Road, Pre Spinning Quickie

I know I had hinted at the fact that our travels weren't quite done before. Well, we got home yesterday and I got my friend Stefani off to the airport this morning, all showered, shaved and ready to head out to meet with some spinning friends (wool, not stationary bikes) and thought I'd kill a few minutes with a quick post. Don't worry, I'll give you more soon.

We hit the Black Hills and played in Rushmore Cave, I saw Rushmore for the first time, went to the Mammoth Site in Hot Springs, and wasted $40.00 in the slots in Deadwood. I had taken $50.00 for the job but decided I would just pocketed the other ten and call it a bonus for not falling pray to gambling fever (not that it was a great worry, I work hard for my money and don't see why I should squander it in gambling).

I wasn't near as good this time about taking my camera out with me on this trip, but here's a couple.
For this trip I only had a total of 95 pictures which still need to be gone through and cleaned through of what isn't good enough to keep. After such efforts the trip south ended up with 571.

Well, more to come but I have to get moving.

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  1. lived in rapid for a few years...there are some pretty spots there! happy you got to wander through! can't wait to see some more pictures!