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Friday, October 26, 2012

Off To Bed. Shortly That Is.

Whew, my work week is done, and as is only fitting, it ended with a bang of a night. But now, I sit at home finishing up my handspun yarn knit cap and get to have an entire week off. So, before I quickly fill my time up, I thought I'd throw together a post.

Here in Casper we are a bit chilly. Our first snow was brought to us by a cold front that has hung around a couple days dropping our temperatures below freezing and dusting us with our first snow that amazingly stuck. Unfortunately it also gave us a sheeting of ice on our roads last night that made my evening's work a bit tricky. One accident alone resulted in 4 patients from a single car roll over. After sticking around just long enough to slow us down though, as usual in the high desert country in Wyoming we'll be bouncing back up to the fifties and seeing our snow either melt or get blown to Nebraska this weekend.

In an effort to keep warm, I broke out my hand spun yarn (some of my best thus far) from my fiber club and dove into making myself a hat that comes down over my ears. IT's a color that I'm not sure works for me, but I do like the finished product!

And while we're on the topic of knitting, I got Celaeno done!

For a while there I was worried I wouldn't get this little shawlette done. The beading about killed me. In fact the last row took hours and the only good thing I can say about it was that even though I was beading every other stitch, I was also working a cast off with it so I was done at the end of it (4 hours guys, it took me 4 bleeding hours!).

I promise I'll get some more pictures up when she's done blocking and dry. I hope to have an opportunity for photos at Blooming Needles grand opening tomorrow. We'll see, I'll keep the fingers crossed. The last finished shawlette I took to the shop to other knitters tried to steal.

Now, I think I better go do something with the kids before I fall asleep since I've been up since 2 yesterday afternoon. Have a great weekend.

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