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Sunday, October 28, 2012

A Touch of Class to the Fall

I finally got Celaeno done! Woohoo! The last time I spoke of this little number I stated that the last row I had done had taken a couple hours and I had watched the entirety of the Best Exotic Marigold Hotel in the time it took me to bead and knit each bloody three hundred and some odd stitches. Well, that pales in comparison to the final row that you bead, knit and then cast off each stitch. Five hours. No, really; five, but she was worth it.
Don't you agree? It almost makes me wish I could pull off wearing her...
Hopefully she does a good job pulling in the bidding dollars for the Montessori School fund raiser. That's where she was destined to end up from the time I saw the pattern for her. 

Anyway, as you might be able to tell from that top picture, it's a blustery fall day (Winnie the pooh, I love you) here in Casper. The perfect day to sit and do some spinning.
And speaking of lovely things, this has been a joy to spin. Not pre-draft mind you, but the spinning part has been wonderful.
This is again from Huckleberry Knits though not part of my fiber club. This was form a long slow night that I ended up playing with my credit card online. Always a dangerous proposition but can rarely go wrong when one is playing with fiber dying prodigy's fibers. At least that's my opinion thus far.
I think the name of this wool and silk blend is perfect. The blend of yellows, browns, russets and purples reminds me exactly of indian corn.
Yesterday I also finished my last fiber club installment of cranberry autumn which is fitting for today. It makes me a bit homesick though because just looking at it makes me think of walking the trails back home smelling the pungent aroma of frosted cranberries. I think maybe next year I need to go home for the fall, not Christmas or my birthday, but the fall where I can hike above the tree line and wander through birch and alder stands smelling those longed for scents.

Well, I guess I should stop wasting time and get to cleaning house for the gathering tomorrow evening for homemade pizza and pumpkin carving. Can't wait! I may not be able to do anything about the longing for the natural smells of home, but I surely can alter the smell of my house with freshly opened pumpkin and roasted seeds.

May you all have a lovely Sunday and great week ahead. If you don't hear from me before, have a wonderful All Hallows Eve!

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