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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

A Birthday Present

For me that is... And who is this present from and what is it? Mother Nature herself and it's a doozy of a snow storm that I am enjoying immensely. Now I get that it's not really my birthday, just kind of close to it and the storm wasn't just for me, though I like to thing so. I seem to missing colder weather more and more these days, but we won't get into all that. I've whined about the lack of winter here too many times to count. So today, now that I am in for the night as I got an unexpected night off and am through driving in the mess that the storm has made of town, I'm just going to enjoy it with a good cup of tea and my kids. Oh, and some spinning.

My biggest hope for this snow storm though is that it melts and gets most of it into the ground for our spring before the wind comes up and either blows it to Nebraska or evaporates it and drops it somewhere between Tennessee and the east coast. They've had enough moisture, I hope we get to keep some of it.

As for knitting, I'm working on a surprise of sorts. It's for someone specifically that I can't be sure won't come here to this blog, so I am keeping it under wraps. Kind of. I do have some crappy iPhone pictures that I'm going to share that I thought kind of hide the fact of what the object is.

And the last picture is actually the first. I took it when I first cast this project on. It's a stitch marker a friend made me that I think is just great. It makes me think of Dia de Muertos which is my favorite holiday of sorts. Maybe I'm just the morbid sort. It's quite possible.
Yes, it's a skull with angel wings. I'm not a dangly stitch marker sort, but I like it, I like it a lot.

So, this little project I cast on, broke my rule of 3 items on the needles. I'm having an issue with all my knitting projects boring the absolute crap out of me so I cast this little project on in hopes that it would give me a break form the other items long enough to gain some interest in them again. I don't think it's working people. In fact I'm pretty sure it's talking me into casting something else on after it all together.

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