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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Dear Purr Angel

I am sorry that I have upset you throughout the day. I apologize for shutting the doors so you could not run off and taking that hated brush to you to get the last (for the next 4 minutes anyway) mats out of your coat. I'm sorry that you detest the harness and leash that I chose to put you on for that trip to vet instead of placing you in a crate that you have so obviously stated your feelings of contempt for with bowel evacuation and smearing of such things across the insides of said crate. I feel very poorly that you had to be subjected to the horrors of a car trip and then to be poked, prodded, jabbed with needles and have strangers touch you. Deep down I worry about the stress this causes you.

Because all of these feelings are true, I do not appreciate it when I come in from the nightly dog walk and you are getting your petting from The Guy, that you flatten your ears, glare at me and whip your tail. This annual stress I put you through is to assure that you are in fact in good health. I should get a little bit of appreciation for this, and for letting you off the harness and free to come and go as you please as soon as getting home and in the front yard, not even waiting to get inside. Besides, The Guy that you so lovingly adore did drive the actual vehicle and wanted to shove your butt in the crate. If this behavior of open detestment continues, I will let him take you alone to the vet with out your four canine bodyguards to assure that you are unharmed in any way in whatever means of conveyance he chooses since he is obviously your favorite.

Okay, I will not do that. It was an empty threat and let us not have lies between us, but know that it hurts my feelings when you do such things for I have only your health and wellbeing in mind when I place you on that harness and take you to the doctor. I want there to be peace and harmony in the house again and would ask that you remember this when you glare balefully at me from His lap. More importantly, remember that today is bath day for you...


  1. Wow...what a fun read. I wish I could apologize so well to any felines I know - or have known, in some instances - and still get the point across that I won't be pushed around. See you later. - Joe