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Monday, April 15, 2013

The Party

Thank you to all that attended last Friday nights party. It has been years since I've really tried to do anything for my own birthday due to it always being a bit of a goat rope. the last time I really tried to plan much, I ended being broke up and moved out by memorial day and I think the tension and stupidity that happened on the birthday had a lot to do with me just being done with the whole relationship and not even putting in the effort to fix it all. The year after that I decided on the day of my birthday to run up into the Chugach for a snowshoe/walk with the dogs and a last minute phone call had me bringing along the partner of a friend of mine who was alone while my friend was overseas with the Army. He proceeded to try to "come home with me" after he made the entire walk a fiasco. Can you say awkward? Not only at the time but later as I tried to decide what to do/say to  my friend about the situation. So thanks to everyone who made it fun and relaxed as a gathering of friends should be.

For my cake (thanks Andrea and Jim) I had a little graphic placed on it that was sent to me on Easter. I was busy cooking when a text from a friend came through that said, "I saw this and thought of you."
Now, this would be an insult in most crowds, but if you know me, and you know this particular friend, it's frigg'n hysterical. I replied with a saucy comment where she then said, "I meant it as a compliment!" I stated that I knew that and was showing it to everyone and since the week after we planned to go out for my birthday I thought it would be the perfect topping for my cake. Vera did a wonderful job and I should have taken picture of the cake but alas, I didn't. I thought I had a picture of my slice that had my favorite c-word on it but it didn't seem to save on my camera. No idea why.

For those of you who are horrified by the C-word, I want you to know that it's not it's use as a derogatory slang for genitalia that I love it for, though the shock value that it brings because most people is nice, it's the harshness of the word. It's all that hard C and T sounds surrounding the smooth un that I love. It works so nicely when you need a harsh word. just like the F bomb ending in the hard K and one of my other favorite C-Words, "cock". Sometimes you just need to say something that goes along with the harsh things in your head, and this word does it so nicely though I rarely use it because people tend to look at you as a male chauvinist bastard when you use it. So instead I tend to use a mixture of one of my other favorites, "Twat" and say "Twunt". But sometimes...

So, with all that said, I just want to know anyone who is on the East Coast that may read my blog and Boston in particular, your in my thoughts and prayers tonight (yes this heathen does pray). May you be home and safe and surrounded by the warmth of your loved ones.

Now, after that little bit since I'm sure we're all getting a little overwhelmed by the news storming in, we need some Great Dane cuteness, No?
After our walk tonight I glanced up to see Sullivan with his head sitting on his crossed paws. If you look real close you can see his bone he's hiding under his massive block head.
Yep, that's our dork.

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  1. this heathen prays too. always funny that people assume you must attend church services every week to say a prayer. your dorky puppy looks cute!! saw my first bear today. will post later tonight. spring is coming!