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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Snow and Citations

It's snowing! Two good snows in as many weeks and I am loving it. I am just in from shoveling the walk and drive again and wondering if I should spin or knit while Bob takes the kids out. I was going to just relax again for a bit before heading to work but was just given the night off which I jumped at.

And now I'm feeling guilty because I shouldn't have jumped at it. You see, I got myself a ticket this morning on the way to work. And I say it that "I got myself" because it was exactly that. I have been pulled over and cited for driving issues rarely, because I strive to be an alert and conscientious driver. However, the few times I have been pulled over, I have fully deserved my tickets. The last time was a few years ago and yes, there were extenuating circumstances on the freeway but in the end, I did speed so I got myself that one. Today, I who know better than to let myself blink out of reality and not pay attention in blizzard conditions did exactly that and ran a light. Luckily I was nowhere close to causing and accident when it happened, but I did it right in front of a sheriff deputy. I just pulled over into a parking lot and waited for him to turn the corner. I knew I screwed up and was just happy I hadn't hurt anybody or damaged someones property.

Now, I tell you all the details because I don't want it said that I hate cops. I don't. I think they have one of the hardest jobs out there and rarely get to see people at their best. That was one of the reasons I finished up my EMT cert years ago, did my six months internship and realized pre-hospital care was not for me. You always saw people at their worst. Physically and mentally they were damaged, wore down, and just plain ill. So, with that said I try to give cops respect because I understand they are often dealing with too much shit and just trying to keep the rest of us safe. On that note however, I have been known to chew ass with righteous indignation when I have been pulled over for stupid crap and have gotten out of those tickets probably just out of shear pig headedness. Today though, I just accepted the consequences of being an idiot behind the wheel of my car. I think it paid off though.

First, the cop seemed shocked that I was just waiting with my license, registration and insurance card. I think he thought I was going to get out of the car and go into the business I had parked in front of. I assured him that I did know why he had pulled behind me and that I had no excuse, I had just failed to pay attention. He ended up giving me a minimal "to fast for conditions" citation and a hand shake rather than the couple hundred dollar moving violation he could have.

Now, want to know the odd reason I phased out while driving? This has happened to me before and today just assures me that I am right. I didn't have the radio on. Yes, that's what I said. I left the radio off so I could hear sirens, and wheel slippage in the snowy slushy mess that the roads were. Several times before I have noticed after close calls that I haven't had the radio on when I have gotten so caught up in the events going on in my head that I have stopped paying attention to my surroundings. The irony is that I tried not having it on to stay more attuned to my surroundings. I don't know why but having music or news or just other peoples voices keeps me from falling into the abyss that my own head can be at times.

Anyway, before we get into that weirdness that up there can be, I'm going to go enjoy watching the swirling snow build drifts until it is time to go shovel them up again. Have a good night.

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