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Saturday, August 3, 2013

I Guess She Was Right

I was notified the other day that I needed to get off my duff and start blogging. I, inmy defense, stated that I had blogged recently and I was told something like , "Not like you used too". So today, I had a couple pictures to share of projects (I had to turn log into the computer to eject my SD card if that tells you how little I've been doing in relation to either the computer or picture taking), and when I pulled up blogger, I was amazed at all the blogs I follow and the amount of posts I was behind. So, I guess the accuser is right, and I have been lacking in my blogging duties.

Why would I fall behind? Mainly, I had nothing to share. I've been in a holding pattern since the retreat on many fronts. And who wants to read a blog about that? No one. That's who. But, I have had some change in that. I have started some projects, tore out others, broke some toes so I have not spun, and had some news about a job I applied for.

A Job?!? I heard that muffled outraged question. Yes, I applied for a job here locally and it seems I am progressing though the process. I have completed all the necessary interviews well, and just need to get a couple other things taken care of. Just little things, like psych evals (don't laugh, it's rude) and drug tests. Things are on hold until these are taken care of. Fingers crossed it's soon.

Now, since that is all I can tell you about that until I know more, let's change the subject. This is the first weekend of August. And do you remember what that means in my critter filled home? Bath time! That's right. The kids all got their baths today. They already have had three walks today because as I wrap this up, I plan on heading down to Washington park for the Beartrap: Down From the Mountain event. They'll come with but they're calmer about crowds and noise if they have a bit of energy wore off of them first.

The big music name of the night is Solas. I have wanted to see them perform for quite some time now and tonight is my chance. Hope to see some of you down there. I wil have my knitting with me. However, due to wanting to see the concert I will not be bringing this.
This is my Brandywine Shawl that I have been meaning to start forever. It is finally on the needles with Chart A done, but it requires a level of concentration as I follow the chart until I have it memorized that will not work well for going to a concert. It is another wonderfully written and charted Romi Hill pattern. I truly love using her patterns. They are beautiful in the end, and her pattern writing/editing is superb. In all her patterns I've done thus far I have never found a mistake. That says something, and having written my own patterns, I know exactly how much it says and appreciate the attention to detail and artistry of her works.

In eagerness for tonights event, I cast on something easier to work. Meet Redford.
This will be my new sweater someday. It's worked in a fingering weight wool/nylon blend, so it may be sometime before that someday happens, but I'm excited all the same. My goal is to have it complete for next years retreat.

With all that said and done, I don't have much to say. Other than if you feel the need for a good creepy movie, go see The Conjuring. It was nice and spooky but not gory. In fact, I don't recall any blood at all except a bite wound and a bloody lip. But it will make you jump. It's even more fun to go with friends and watch them jump. Though I do have to say, what is wrong with these people? Why don't the kids no to scream when the spooky stuff starts, not after it's already well into it? And why doesn't anyone pay attention when the dog won't go in the house? If my dogs refused to go into a house I can tell you right now, neither would I. And when something/someone has wrecked your stairwell and is scaring the hell out of you, don't go into the creepy cellar. Period. Just some life pointers people.

Have a good night everyone.

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