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Sunday, August 25, 2013


I had a friend who wanted to see how I warped my loom come over this morning to watch and assist in the job of warping. It was so much more fun with some one to chat and BS with as we got it set up. I have none of the fun time/worry/stress saving toys that I want to buy yet, but I've made do with some of the items that came with my loom and a couple I had to be able to play.
We got her all warped with a bamboo/linen blend yarn so I can play with a twill pattern. Last time I did a tweed pattern I saw the basic set up on youtube for. This time I dove into a teaching manual and set this up from a chart.
Well, the stripe and other basics are mine, but the set up came from the book. Unfortunately it is a dated text and my lack of knowledge caused an issue you can see below on the edges.
I am missing my edge warp ends. I know how to fix it though, I think. We'll see. I typically learn along the way and I'm glad I noticed it just a few pattern lines in so I can compensate for it. I'll the dark blue back a bit, or unweave I should say and start over. The light blue is simply my waste that will be pulled out later.

I was going for a more open softer weave with this now that i know something about my tension.

On the way out of the house with my friend I noticed my "crop cirlces" in the from yard that I meant to discuss here. You remember last week when I dove into that fleece for cleaning and sorting? Well, I learned a little something that day too...
DO NOT place buckets of hot water directly on your lawn. It cooks your grass. As you can see it's been a week and there is some young green grass coming up through the top dead grass. Thankfully I'm anal and though this was three batches of hot water, so a total of six hot buckets, I placed them exactly in the same place each time and only got two crop circles. We've been watering them a lot in order to get new healthy grass in before fall sets in and we end up with a couple circular weed patches next spring.

The Guy and I went to see Man of Steel today. It wasn't as bad as we've been hearing. I thought the acting was all okay, the guy was good eye candy, and it was an interesting take on the franchise. Then again, I'm not a comic book aficionado nor am I a fan of the old superman movies so I am not feeling the abandonment that a lot of the fans seem to be suffering from. Mind you, I'm not a critic so no one will take what I think seriously. I liked the storyline usage of his two fathers and the back story of the dying planet. I think it added to the story and let you understand the "evil" characters fury. And I heard someone making a comment that when superman was supposed to have taken place no black man would have been head of such a large paper. Wha...?!? One, why continue such a blatant stereotype, and two, did you not get the decidedly modern air of the film? It wasn't set in the era that the series originated so who cares what the ethnicity of the characters were? But then again, I have heard many a foolish comment from die hard fans finding ways to hate a new take on an old franchise. It's normal to an extent and I am not going to argue the merits or failings of the film. In my opinion, it was worth the three bucks at the cheap seats. Maybe the fact that I didn't wait with bated breath for the release and paid for advance tickets helped ease me into it? But then hey, I was just enjoying the eye candy.

Keep mind though, I am not going to go see the rest of The Hobbit films due to the crass commercialism of breaking it into three movies. I'm disgusted by it and I thought the first one wasn't impressive so I won't be wasting my time with the next two, and don't get me started on the butchering of the Harry Potter films. So in the end, I guess it's all about personal taste. Except the comment about Lawrence Fishburne. That was just ignorance.

Off to make dinner with me. I have to get up early tomorrow and go to work at the new job. How exciting is that!