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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Some Thoughts, and A Few More Pics

I just found it intriguing...
The pictures I have to share today are the ones that didn't make the original cut from our camping trip. They really have nothing to do with anything today other than I wanted to share them. There's some pretty shots but the light was only kind of *meh* due to overcast and smoky skies. Still, some beautiful colors.
Erosion is such a neat landscape sculptor
I've been listening or ummm... "reading" books lately as I have been knitting, walking the dogs, cooking, or pretty much anything that doesn't require my full attention and there have been some little jewels of perhaps, unintentional wisdom. They keep coming back to me at odd times, and I'm starting to figure out why they have been doing that.
I discovered the author Molly Harper when looking for books a ways back and I have decided I love her  books that take place in the south. I didn't care for the ones that happened in Alaska just because of some major theme issues caused by not knowing much about where I grew up and lived a good chunk of my life.
Another shot of the Mormon Crickets as well as the pretty scenery
While listening to her "And One Last Thing"; which despite what her critics say and the lack of sarcastic vampires, I think is one of her best books, She had the following little pearl of wisdom following the break up of a marriage and the reminiscing of what went wrong from one of the characters. She stated that they had never had any great challenges in their relationship to forge a strong working marriage. They had always kind of coasted along, "The problem with coasting though is that you're always going down hill."
Coming down out of the mountains.
And that one line got me. I thought, well, I've never thought of it like that but damn if it isn't true.
Where the Chugwater Formation meets the Tensleep Formation. If the Tensleep was a harder stone these possibly would have been arches in a few more millennia.
I myself have been coasting professionally for the last few months, and it was showing. I feel like I did a good job at work, but it wasn't what I wanted to do. It wasn't making a difference. This week as I started the new job that should have frightened me but instead excited me and is challenging me, I've been feeling happier. Everywhere. And I realized it's because I'm not coasting anymore. I'm learning daily and building skill sets daily, and I love it. I always seem to get frustrated with a job when I get bored. Perhaps it's professional A.D.D., but more likely it's because I don't like to just coast along.
More Petroglyphs. The darker one on the left was chalked in  at some point.
The other book I read just this last week was Dean Koontz's "Deeply Odd". And once again, in a book that was indeed deeply odd, there was a nugget of not only wisdom, but downright truth. A character was speaking of her deceased husband and a silly decision he made when she stated, "Just because someone is intelligent, doesn't mean they are always wise."
I dont't know about you, but I have met a lot of stupid smart people. I would never say I'm above average intelligence, but I admit that I know a lot of things about a lot of subjects, but damn if I can't be dense as a granite boulder some days as well. I think we have all done that. Done something so stupid, and look back at it and think, "What the...?" There's even been times that I have lucked out and not been seriously injured or even killed by a dumb move on my part, and here I'm really hoping that others have done things like this and I'm not really below the average intelligence that I think I am. Or perhaps that perverse part of me that loves to laugh at my own ridiculousness sometimes is a larger and more developed part of my personality than I am aware of.
There is something about agricultural scenes I always find peaceful. Perhaps I need to think about a farm for a living? There's always growth happening...
Well, that's about all the ramblings I had to share today, and the last of the pictures I had to pass on. ThinkI better pack up the spinning wheel and get a move on.
Speaking of peaceful scenes...


  1. loved your ramblings...and the quotes were excellent!! i too know some very smart people who are not wise or happy!

  2. Oh I love the last pic,I could paint that

  3. Great photos and essay, Q. An eye opener about "coasting" and how it affects me. Thanks for sharing. - Joe