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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Yeah, Yeah, I Know!

Once again despite my best intentions I have fallen behind. Both in my own blog and keeping up with others. If it helps, I have been busy. Ever have those times in life when you're stressing and thinking, "Why do I feel like everything is insane?!?", then stop and realize that you feel this way because it is insane? Well, I had that realization yesterday as I struggled to get out of work to head towards the Guy's family. My life has become a bit on the crazy side and mainly because I have no answers. No answers to anything. So much is up in the air and I am awaiting answers from other people before making the next decision, step, or thought towards either of them.

So today, This wonderful Sunday, I dealt with something concrete. Wool.
I know, you're shocked.
This is how my Sunday began. A cup of tea, and my fleece that I bought last month in Colorado spread out on the front lawn.
I think I learned a couple lessons. First one being that blanketed sheep are our friends. Even after scouring there is quite a bit of Colorado still left in the wool. Also, that perhaps I should have started with an easier fleece. But learning is what it is all about. In the end I will have a couple pounds of wonderful wool.
I sorted it a bit. Used the flicker brush (Thanks Cindy!) to open up the ends and stashed the locks away into mesh bags.
Then they got a hot bath with some dish soap. I purposely didn't take any pictures of the poop brown and aromatic water.
Needless to say, there is a reason I wanted to wash it. I had lot of water to dump. Including the three washes and the hot rinse each batch of wool got, I had A LOT of water to dump. I think my lawn appreciated it though.
Look how those locks opened up with just washing! Beautiful! I am going to love digging into this stuff. And what am I going to do with my Jacob wool after spinning? Well, I think this new toy needs to be broken in with a lovely wrap of sorts, don't you?
For those of you who don't reckognize what that new toy is, it's a LeClerc Nilas 45" floor loom.
And she's pretty and calling my name. A local was selling her and I had myself talked out of buying it. Her flyers picture wasn't flattering, and the information was a bit lacking. However, when I went and looked at her I was a goner. The check was written and now I have a loom. Which means that I better get to spinning. And I better come up with a warping board solution. Since I had such great luck with the PVC pipe drying racks that you saw above(I built those yesterday) I am considering a cheap PVC solution for now. Then there's the need for a bench. Let us not discuss the disgusting prices for new benches.

Anyway, off to stay busy. My back is aching but I still have fleece to process.


  1. Oh Q! What a beautiful loom! Have fun! I have a warping board you can borrow if needed in the interim.

  2. Your wool is wonderful! What a wonderful way to spend a Sunday! And your new loom is beautiful! I can't wait to see it in action! Cindy