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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

And so I've begun

Work that is. Yesterday was a good but busy day being my first. Lots to learn and absorb. No more slacking around the house knitting all day every day. Dammit.

No, it's good to get back to work. I need it for my sanity.

Well, let's pretend like I ever had any, okay?

On that note, I know any posting I would have done will be slowed down a bit so I thought I'd share these couple of pictures I snapped Sunday morning.

It was pretty, but a bit cold.

I always like ice frost on trees. So pretty. But the cold made itself apparent this morning when I realized the second new thermostat we put in the second zone was not working.

These ones were Sullivan trying to tempt a cat out from under the futon to play. Midge wasn't feeling it. Please note the blurry tail in that first pic.

Alas... Cats.

So, the rest of these I'm going to throw on are last spring on a rainy day when the birds were busy about the feeders and we had a visit from our orioles.

For those that already spotted it, you're correct, this ones a robin. We actually didn't see a whole lot of robins in our yard this last summer for some reason. Maybe the Jays were rough on them?

And one of our larger woodpeckers. Not the big Palliated ones, I never got any great pics of them either as they're rather shy.

Like I said, it was a rainy spring day...

That's about it for the week guys. Sorry, I need to go check for ice damage to heat pipes now and shut the crawl space before returning to my scrub hemming... Have I ever stated how much I dislike sewing? At least its just hand hemming. Not difficult, just time consuming, but I did all the ironing of the seams already so I just need to do the needle work. Here I go... Have a good week everyone, wish me luck.

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