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Saturday, December 31, 2016

Last Minute Decision

Good last evening of 2016 to you all. I was texting some friends and thinking about things before heading to bed (No, I won't be staying up to ring in the new year, I'll see it in the morning with everything else thank you very much), when I decided to shoot out one last blog entry since I have slacked of so wonderfully on this thing this year.

I, for the first time in a long time and making a couple small resolutions. The small ones are the easier ones to keep, but you never know what the year holds. These small resolutions may end up being insurmountable odds in the long run... But fingers crossed and they stay truly attainable. The first I that I hope to blog a bit better this year. Some of you may already have noticed a bit of format change. I decided when I made the choice to hop back on the blogging horse to make it easier for myself and do smaller, short and sweet posts, a little bit more often instead of saving up photos until it was a large task to get a single post up. And Blogger, your new weird quirkiness when I try to add photos is not making this easier. Just so you know.

Someone takes vet appointments awful easily, doesn't he?
And the second one I just mentioned to The Guy. I bought a local area hiking book and map the other day and I told him that I plan on getting out on a decent hike on my Tuesdays off with the dogs this summer, and with luck, top every peak of the Bridger Mountains while I'm at it. I think the peaks will be the challenge, but the hikes will be easy, as long as the boys can keep up.

In fact, that will be the biggest challenge to the hikes. We knew Tucker's knee surgery didn't work but we received the news from the vet yesterday that it's shot. We are reviewing some options, and as you see here, we started some laser therapy to see if we can decrease some inflammation and pain he's suffering from. Poor Tucker. But if anyone knows of some large breed/herding breed mix pups that need adopted out, we need a girl! I need some new blood mixed in with these old men. Hiking is so much less fun without dogs, and it doesn't feel safe. Too many years of always having them ready, willing and able to go at the drop of a hat I guess.

And the last isn't really a resolution, more a goal that I'm already reaching for. We need to eat a bit cleaner, and we're getting there. Last night I made Turkey pesto wraps, mainly in hopes that the garlic and basil would beat back this cold that got me this week. Its always great to wake up on Christmas knowing that you're getting sick, no? On the good side though, I do think it's on it's way out. I feel markedly better today and the sinus stuff seems to be clearing. Between the good eats, the better living through chemistry, and the new humidifier, I'm getting there.

Tonight I made a new recipe that came from the "America's Test Kitchen", my new favorite PBS show's email. It's a Brussel Sprout Gratin, and it was pretty good, but then I like Brussel Sprouts. The Guy doesn't but I saw him take a second helping. It's amazing what sins a cheese sauce helps hide. It needs some tinkering before I add it to my own book, but it was a good start and went well with the leftover Christmas Ham. If you're so inclined to try it, I would start by doubling all their spices sans salt. Between the cheese and the cream you have other sources of sodium but it can be a bit bland so be heavy on the pepper, garlic, cayenne, and nutmeg.

Tomorrow night it's the traditional Pork roast with sauerkraut (I can feel The Guy cringe from here), and black eyed peas New Years feast. I think it's the germans way of purging the old year out with the fiber and gut clearing kraut, but hey, traditions are meant to be observed.

I know, we're such party animals here. Hard to believe all our jet setting and wild gatherings, isn't it? Meh, I learned a long time ago that wasn't my thing. I prefer to hang out with the furry ones, the good friends, and The Guy, any day, and especially the holidays. Let the drunks have the street and stay home and cook good food and stay warm and safe. I hope you are all doing the same, and here's to a happy, active, and joyful 2017.

And please, remember in these next few years when I fear that there are some scary changes to come, to not to forget one another. Kindness and Compassion must start with us, in our hearts and our homes. Don't think writing a check to a charity is the end of the work. Remember that sometimes it's more important to raise your voice with those around you. May you all walk in Peace with Hope and Mercy as your guides.

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