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Sunday, December 18, 2016

North of Yellowstone

Wednesday night the snow started as predicted. Light small dry flakes that took a lot to add up to anything substantial and have more of a tendency to blow in the wind.

However, it did snow through to Friday when it started to clear up and get cold. Saturday morning we woke to sheer beauty here, but dang, it was cold to go with it. I think I discovered that my car once again bottoms out at -32 on its external temperature probe, since others and online were saying after I got to work that they had readings of -35 or -36. I don't know, but cold enough my clutch was awful stiff even after I go at the engine nice and warm.

It's comforting to know that as I headed in to work, the animals all found warm places to cuddle in at home. Little bastards Sweet little furred ones.

Actually one of the benefits to cold cold mornings, is the sheer beauty of them. The air tends to clear out with the cold and in this case, then dawn light was gorgeous as it broke over the mountains and filled the valley.

A little bit further down the road there were some cows out in a field and with the light, and the steam of their breaths and the frost on their backs as they helped themselves to their feed, it would have been gorgeous but I didn't have my good camera and decided I didn't really want to stipend get out. As it was, I got to work just right on time (First week went well, thanks for asking, but I got lots of learning to do).

Despite being tempted to lay somewhere warm in the sun...

And then I came home to cuddle with beasties. We actually took them out on a drive as it was too cold for old toes. We ran up to Montana Wheat and then drove around Three Forks a bit. Tried to give the boys a little walk but less than a half a block from the car their feet let us know it was too much. Getting old sucks. Tucker did the best as he's a breed built for cold and I ran him up the street a short ways and back, which as soon as the other boys saw they had to join us, but their paws paid for it.

I stumbled across this tonight and thought I'd share. It's kind of funny... Okay it is funny but only on the second watching for me, because I've had people ask many of these questions, and it's not funny at the time. Okay, the two queens was funny first time through, but then it wasn't a question in the same vein as the others, was it?

Some of these I think all couples do, but there's a couple that are probab;y male-male relationship only... But my favorite is the suits. And no, The Guy and I do not talk to our dogs quite like that. It's more threats of making ear soup and him telling them that it's okay, I've always been a bit crazy.

And just because I should always try to end this on a laugh.

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