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Saturday, July 23, 2011

New Toys are So Much Fun!

And these new toys are not silicone, latex, or phallic shaped. Well, I guess in a certain way it is but get your minds out of your respective gutters people. My new toy is this...
Ignore the Schacht Catalogs there... I don't know, really, I don't
Yep, I bought myself a new camera yesterday. A Cannon Rebel T3. And though it isn't the most expensive thing out there, I have to say I'm digging it. So much so that this morning when for some ungodly reason we got up at 0430 to go down to the balloon fest that I was invited to before we headed to Colorado, I took it with. Thank goodness too, or I would have been put to work like poor Bob was. Who knew if people thought you were a photographer of import you wouldn't be wrangled into work?
Everyone could use a little morning flame, no?

Last one up buys breakfast!
Not It!
Leave it to me to find a cute dog pic...
"Sun rise, sun rise. Looks like morning in your eyes"
I think my two favorites'

Bob hard at work keeping the girls in line
Honestly, I don't know how Bob got roped into crewing a balloon. He's never done it before. I was clicking away and suddenly realized he was helping with a balloon. After they got it in the air he told me that they were short crew and had asked if he would ride in the chase vehicle as well. So I took his keys and followed them as well.
To bad us chasers have to stick to the rules of the road...
The Race is Afoot

Sorry, I don't have pictures of the landing and packing. Extra hands were required and I dove in when I saw it start dragging people across the asphalt. All in all, it was a fun morning and should I have the chance to go play again, I will. As long as I don't have to get on one of them that is... I may love rock climbing but my fear of heights wouldn't play nice with a hot air balloon, as my father found out one winter at the Fur Rendezvous balloon events. It's probably embarrassing to be over powered and outcussed by your three year old.

We came home to find the pathetic and utterly miserable dogs.
We don't know what he did to that back foot. One day we noticed a pink spot and found what Bob originally thought to be a laceration. Upon closer inspection it appeared to be a ruptured ulcer although he never limped or let us know it was bugging him. So, another couple hundred dollars spent at the vet for a good rinsing and stitching it closed.

Since we left the poor bastards before their post breakfast morning walk, we took them up to the cooler climes on the mountain for a good romp. As I stated, it doesn't appear to be hurting him too much.
Run Tucker, Run!
Emmitt the Squirrel Hunter
Queen Shiela. She may be old, but she still rules
And the Goof himself. Sullivan
"Yep," she says proudly, "those are my boys. Raised them good didn't I?"
And now that it's all done, I want a nap. But I think the grocery store is calling my name. If only my knitting would call my name. I don't know what is up but since about half way through the retreat I seem to have the knitting funk. Part of it I think is that I actually was coming down with some crud that I'm still recovering from. And there was a frustration on the professional aspect coming to a head. But I feel I'm finally on the mend, I've dealt with the other issue as much as I can at this point, and I've been enjoying the sun and the heat as much as a thick blooded Alaskan kid can. And 90+ degree heat in itself may explain the knitting funk. But I wish it would go away. But until then, I have a new toy to entertain myself with. And for it being new, I think I did a decent job, no?

Just think, I may even have a few knitting pics to take with the new camera some day.

You all have a great weekend.

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