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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Packed and Eagerly Awaiting Departure Time

So here I am like a little kid just bouncing with excitement. I have all my crap packed on the back of the car and my Emmitt Dog all spiffied up and ready to go with me. I admit, I'm feeling a bit guilty about leaving the LaCock and the other dogs at home while I escape to Colorado fr knitters retreat. But damn I'm STOKED!

I know you're all thinking, a knitters retreat? Seriously? Yes, seriously. It's going to be a bunch of guys sitting around playing with yarn and sticks. You may think it sound ridiculously boring, but I have news for you. Knitters aren't near as stodgy as non-knitters would think. I have had some of the most outrageous and hilarious discussions with people who others would think would never broach sex, drugs, or other endless subjects that leave you weak and sore in the ribs. So on that note, I truly hope there is no self peeing incidences and look forward to getting to know some others that I have only met through inter resources.

Rocky Mountain Knitting Retreat Here We Come!

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