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Friday, April 20, 2012

Back to work with me, and let me leave you with a topic while I'm gone

This week will discuss things that we take as general rules in life. That's right, I want some feed back guys because this I think is going to become a reoccurring theme as I gain inspiration from activities of daily living. You know, like going to Wal-Mart? I'll start:

When you have a sore on your genitals, you should have it looked at by a physician who's job it is to assist you as a member of society in taming of such things. Do not flash it at people you find are employed in any random and obscure part of the medical field and ask them what you think!?!

Yeah, that's right, this has occurred to me. So tell me, what other truths do you feel should be shared with the general populace around you?

And, because I do love knitting, I did get another roar hat done this week for a co-workers kid because I simply have that much left over yarn. I also tore out the lap blanket i was making for work because it looked like some hideous 1972 afghan and re-knit it into this that I finished and blocked this morning.
Folded in quarters.

I'm going to call it the arrow head blanket. And I get to call it such things because I completely made it up out of my head. I may or may not actually right the darn thing out. Haven't decided yet.

And I have the yarn prepped for lap blanket number 2.
Sage in the Sweet Woodruff

But this alas, is as far as I've gotten. The idea now is to again do a center out but kind of a modified checkerboard using stockinette, reverse stockinette, and seed stitch so it looks something like one of those parquet wood floors. Just a thought, we'll see what the yarn says to me.

Have a great week guys,

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