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Saturday, April 28, 2012

I'm learning...

A little everyday, I swear, but there are other days where I make giant leaps in my knowledge. I feel as though yesterday as I was posting a pattern for the arrowhead blanket that I finally got put together sans pictures I made one such leap.

And what was this leap? I figured out how to hopefully share this pattern on Ravlery a little more reliably. Ravelry? I hear you ask. Yes, ravelry. It's a wonderful little place on the internet for the crafters amongst us. You can share pictures and details of your projects, queue future endeavors, and blog/forum post on some decidedly not craft related subjects, but often giggle worthy topics.

Back on track though. Previously I had shared two patterns that you may recall were posted here. One was a poncho style shawl, and the other a scarf. Both times I posted these to ravelry I had to link them to the related post here. Since they were embedded patterns, they sometimes didn't play well for folks. And there was a little issue with me not setting them up properly in the "share" settings, but let's not discuss that. There were also some downtime issues with Google Documents. Unfortunately I still have my patterns listed with Google Doc's so if there are such future downtime's, this will not fix that issue, but I'm hopeful.

Yesterday evening as I was posting yet another pattern, this one in fact

Or go here:
Google Docs Link

I discovered I could link directly, and after a couple positive feedbacks, I went ahead and replaced all my links on the other patterns. Told ya, learning.

As for what this pattern looks like, you may remember a couple posts ago I had spoke about it since I don't have pictures in the pattern.
 This is it. Just a little lap blanket that you can add to to make a larger one if so inclined.

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