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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Cool Story Bro.

I know I'm scraping the bottom of the barrel here but when this happened the other day the first thought as I giggled to myself was, "I have to put this on the blog".

So, we had our first late night knit gathering at Blooming Needle Yarn Shop this last Friday night. It was a lot of fun even if I didn't knit much. Got quite a bit of spinning done though. Anyway, we were all supposed to make a favorite dish and when I mentioned an apple pie I was told I couldn't just make one. Well, I only have one pie plate so this led me to go buy two deep dish pie plates that unfortunately, made my pies look a bit ugly (this is why there are no pie pics, but you all have seen that I can bake me some pie before), but they tasted wonderful.

Believe me, they were wonderful. Mainly, because I live LOT'S of cinnamon and I grind my nutmeg myself. Yes, I know, you're thinking, "You grind your nutmeg? Why on earth would you do that? I've seen it in the store pre-ground in those little nifty jars." Believe me, when you're using nutmeg, grinding your own makes a big difference. BIG difference.

So there I was with my spice mill. Ha, spice mill, makes me sound all fancy huh? Actually it's a coffee grinder someone gave me, but I don't drink coffee so the gift basket was broken up among others in the office and I took the grinder home to be used as a "spice mill". Anyway, the last time I used the spice mill and washed it out, something got jammed in that little hole that the push button of the lid fits into and turns on the grinder. So, I popped to whole nutmegs into the mill, plugged it in and Blam! that little bastard whirred up without the lid on and threw the nutmeg at me! It all happened so fast I took a nutmeg to the eye. Have you ever had nutmeg i the eye? In burnnnnnnsss.... Okay, enough with the obscure movie quotes. It didn't really burn. It did kinda smart there for a bit as I tried to continue cooking with a tearing eye due to blunt force trauma. But it was funny nonetheless. So, the lesson I learned was, put the damn lid on before plugging it in. Yes, it has a safety so it shouldn't come on, but you never know. Next time it may not be something as easy to deal with as a whole nutmeg.

Anyway, it's been a rather slow weekend as Bob wound down the process of packing up his mom, and I had knitterly duties (beginning class) to attend to. The dogs all got their baths and smell good again as I guard the furniture from them until they dry. In other words, a nice laid back Sunday.

Caught! Damn I hate being deaf in my old age!

Have to watch for squirrels...
Tucker still takes himself to the crate that isn't even his anymore. Once you have a comfy spot, you stick to it.
And we can't forget about Sullivan(dry's fast) and Smudge.

Hope you have a nicely relaxing Sunday as well.


  1. I know that quote...even own the video. It's a fun film and not very deep. Glad to hear the late night party went well. Forgot all about it and was out of town Thursday. See ya - Joe

  2. Man, wish I could of been there with all of you. I also really want to see you spin. I've never seen anyone spin before plus the pie sounded wonderful. Perhaps you'll make one for Thursday night? LOL. One can always dream. Anyways, glad you are back to blogging. I know it's been a stressful time. You've been missed.

  3. Joe, I'm concerned that you know this quote and own a copy of the movie it came from...

    And RJSKY4... as you know, no pie for Thursday, but perhaps the next late night knitting?