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Friday, April 6, 2012

It's Later

And as I stated earlier, I'll speak a bit more on Bob's dad.

Bob's dad passed away this past Thursday morning. It wasn't unexpected. The family had gathered Wednesday night to meet with a second doctor to get a better idea of the situation. It was decided that per his fathers wishes and the way things were progressing, or not progressing as the case was, he would not want to be continued on the vent. So, that evening we took him off the vent and sedation.

After working ICU for 5 years, I myself have that certain cynicism that just because we can safe or prolong a life, doesn't mean we should. And I personally believe that when a loved one has made their wishes known, it's our responsibility as their family and friends, to honor those wishes even if they don't align with our own. When Bob's dad actually came around (I really didn't expect him to come out of the sedation that much) and refused even his oxygen stating he was done, and later that he wanted to die, I was glad for his children. I was glad because I feel as though hearing those words out of his mouth when he had obviously woke up and was with it enough to express his desires, took a weight off his kids shoulders.

It's one thing for someone to tell you they don't wish to have everything done when they healthy and sitting at home speaking to yo over a mug of coffee. Those relaxed times are easy to forget when their health deteriorates and you watch them fight for each breath because no matter what they said, the heart beats until it decides it's done and breath comes even with a raucous struggle until the heart gives in. It's terrifying to watch your loved ones go through that, and even more terrifying to decide for them that you are going to take steps to assure that happens. So for him to be awake, and fighting to breath, but yet confirming that he didn't want to go on, that he wanted the disease process to continue because even if we got him through this little crisis, the easy part, wasn't going to be easy, and he'd never be able to live his life the way he had been or wanted.

Hi children gave him the gift of loyalty to his last known wishes and the dignity of not being eeked through for weeks, or months on life support. In return, their father gave them the ease of mind in the knowledge that this was what he wanted.

Enough of that heavy stuff now. And just so you know, when it's my time, that's about all the heavy stuff I want said for me and if there is a funeral and you decide to go, nothing black and depressing. If you're going to wear a black number it better be a sexy little thing so you'll get noticed. A few after memorial service dates and may be a hook up or two would make me smile where ever I am.

So, let's talk knitting! I know that excited you... Okay, maybe not, but it excited me and since it's my blog, we're going to do what works for me.

I started the Ginko Shawl while sitting in the hospital. I have very little at this time to show you but there will be more to come I'm sure.
The yarn is Crystal Palace Panda Silk which is 60%wool, 35%bamboo and 5% silk blend. I was trying to go with something that would look like turning ginko leaves. Right now, the color reminds me of the birch's back home that turn beautiful golden and yellow patterns.

And I whipped this little bad boy off the needles last night.
I'm blocking the darn thing which you will rarely find me doing to a kids hat just because the brim keeps trying to roll past where it should. I'm fighting the urge to tack it down because I want it to be able to be rolled down as he grows a bit since it is spring after all. I've never used the Berroco Vintage yarn before so I don't know if that's aiding the unwanted roll. If so, oh well. I'm sure the Jensen Dork will love it.

Jensen for your information is in the process of potty training and thinks it's great fun to flash his T-Rex underwear and roar at his hapless flashing victims. I thought this was the perfect accessory when I found it while perusing hat patterns for my brothers Christmas gift. We all need a laugh once in a while, right?

And while we're discussing knitting, I mentioned I've been cleaning the man cave. Which, it's an odd man cave as you can see here.
It's full of knitting stuff, there's a sewing machine stashed away in a bin, but relax, on the opposite wall there is a flat screen television with surround sound, DVD changer and an X-Box. A man cave should reflect the man who uses it, no? There's also the exercise bike, and some other work out equipment.

Ignore the pull up bar being used as a hanger for freshly plied and washed yarn that is having it's twist set in.

Which came out well.

This is my first batch off the new wheel. I'm kinda happy with it. I don't know what color it will end up anytime soon.

And no, this room has not been redecorated since we bought the place and that picture... It was left along with the piano upstairs by the previous owner. Someday we may attack this room and the dream is to make it look like a poolhall with it's red brick fireplace on the other wall and maybe an actual pool table. But then where would I put my stash? Yes, that's right, all those plastic drawers you saw, that's all my cleaned out and organized stash. Don't be jealous, it won't last.

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  1. First sympathy - again - for Bob and his family [and you, too]. -- What a nice man-cave. I think the skein holder masquerading as a pull up bar is a great touch. Jensen's hat is so cute...and I'm trying not to turn as green as the yarn over the fact you got it done in one sitting. I hope the little guy gets a huge amount of enjoyment from it. See you - Joe