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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Have you ever?

Had one of those days where you can't seem to kick start the brain? Of course you have, everyone has haven't they? Well, this seems to be mine. Actually, I think my brain is moving it just wasn't moving on the same topics as my body was. You, see I was at work, while my brain was back home thinking about how to handle the last mess.

This morning we had the latest foster dog delivered. That's right, I have another one because I can't say no when I am asked because we are a dogs last chance.

Meet Shaylie.
Shaylie has some issues. Such as biting. To be more specific, Shaylie is a fear biter. As you can see from the set of her head and eyes here she is worried about me though I ma several feet away and using a zoom to get this picture. Right after taking this picture I moved a little to quickly and freaked her out. As frustrating as this kind of behavior can be, I feel truly horrible for Shaylie.

She is a Rottweiler/German Shepherd mix and is pretty though in the short time her last home had her, she has gained about 15 pounds she shouldn't have on. Which means she probably hurts. She originally came to the rescue with a fear of men. They worked quite successfully with her to get over that but then she was placed in a home where they did not continue all her forward momentum, and in fact let her fall back and then when she started the nipping thing, they let her get away with more. So now I have a 70 pound monster on my hands that thinks if she bites me I will leave her alone.

Little does she know...

Actually, she's let me brush her, and we've had an adventurous walk, and a couple sessions of "bite me and pay the piper". She actually seems to be already limiting her nippiness. But mainly, once this behavior starts, it's going to be harder when she leaves my house to not let her fall back into it. It's going to take me some time to gain her trust, and it's going to take a REALLY long time for me to trust her enough to give the go on her re-adoption.

But, byond all that, I finished my Art Deco Beanie that I bought from to support a friend and designer. Let's just say it's done. I'm not a fan of knitting colorwork though I can appreciate other's color work.

Have a great day, I have to go wrangle a mutt and go back to work.

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