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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

I seem to be on a kick.

Because here it is, and I'm blogging again. Mainly because I need to share the last of my spinning.
I dug into the stash for fiber to take to a spinning workshop this last weekend and came up with some lovely stuff that a friend gave me this last year as a gift. It's from a lovely shop called Gypsy Wools in Boulder, CO. Thank you Alena.
I decided to try long draw and this wonderful commercial roving struck me as a good way to go. I think my newness to the method showed since I should have done some prep but it was lovely and I feel that in the end it did quite well. I have about 170 yds of a wonderful fuzzy DK (13wpi) woolen style yarn. I typically spin a smaller gauge worsted style so I'm expanding my horizons a bit.
Yesterday I was perusing some of my own favorite blogs to read and the YarnHarlot gave me pause. One because of the emotion that was present in her writing, but also because something that keeps coming up in my life over and over again lately. She was writing of a loved one who it sounds is in the process of dying and how she longs to write of it, to speak of it, to yell out her feelings to the world but that to do so at this time on a public forum such as her blog would go against the wishes and need of privacy this person holds dear. And that stand is something I admire.

I don't write a blog to make money, or to entertain. I don't fancy myself an educator with my words though perhaps occasionally someone does learn something of some value from my mental explosions across the internet. But, I also don't see it as a diary per se; for I see diaries as things that are private. They are filled with your thoughts, dreams and fancies you don't put out into general company much less the world wide web. My blog is more of a means to convey my thoughts, doings and life events to my friends and family, and yes, anyone else who happens along to read them. On the note of it being an open to the public blog I try to remain aware of what I place here.

I know, I hear several people right now rolling their eyes and saying, "Really? You worry about what people see here? After that last blog regarding porn shops?" And the answer is yes. When it comes to me, I'm a fairly open book. I can discuss topics that others are ashamed to even think about. Personally I don't have a lot of "shame" when it comes to things I think, do, or have done. I feel that I try to be open because I try to look at my actions and words as windows into who I am. I try to reflect on things when I run across thoughts in my head that shock me, and see if there are underlying issues and come to be at peace with them. We all sometimes do, say, or even think things that can shock ourselves and make us wonder if we truly understand ourselves, and if we don't understand ourselves, how can we understand others? When I run into those I don't care for I often try to pick apart what it is that I don't care for. Sometimes this leads me to understanding something about myself and this often ends up with me liking that person more than I ever thought I would. Sometimes it leads me to something uncomfortable regarding my own thought process. Often it leads nowhere as it just settles a fact I've always known. We all won't get along. Ever. No one is capable of like everyone, so just be honest about it and move on. I try to explore these things when they arise in myself and I think that has made me more open than I would otherwise be to say things because I know where I am coming from.

But all that is not regarding where I was originally going. I was discussing privacy, more specifically, internet privacy. When I tell stories, I often leave out names, or change the names of the person I am referring to. If it's something that I know that person would be horrified by my recitation, I won't tell it. That's a story for them to tell and for me not to share with a very large possible audience. I think this is a respect I can pay my friends, and even acquaintances that costs me nothing to do so and to be honest, something we should all be able to expect from others.

The other day I was discussing with a friend the break down of privacy regarding their kid doing something stupid and their friends taping it and placing it on Facebook. Now, regardless of our age, most of us in our youths have done stupid things. Throw in a couple good friends that were just as young and dumb as you, and well; we get a majority of our tales we tell as adults hoping our children never hear them. But now days, I am sorry for kids to be surrounded with the technology they are. How many of today's youths have regrettable decisions that would normally just be teenage poor discretion plastered on YouTube for everyone who wishes to watch, comment, and share with an ever widening audience?

So, to all those out there that know that I know their dirty little secrets; I know that some of you are scared by my oddly good memory and recall but I want you to be at ease knowing I will try my best not share your stories unless I know you are okay with it and comfortable with my narration. Even when I do tell of times past or things I've recently done, I tell it from my perspective and stride to not drop names or other identifying details. I also ask that those of you out there that have similar stories of their friends, or God forbid, video footage; ask them first if it's okay to share. To share or not to share should be their choice.

This day in age with the ability to destroy someones reputation or harm their standing with friends and family with a simple few pushes of buttons, it is all of ours responsibility to protect our own and each others privacy. Besides, if someone's reputation is crap they are probably well on their own way destroying it with their own actions and don't need our help. I still cringe thinking of some of the stupid thoughtless things I have done and am thankful I grew up before the cell phone became a mainstay of our population and well before every cell phone had a camera or video ability.

With all that said, do you have a friend good enough to use their ass as a pillow?
If not, you should ask yourself why not...

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  1. I'm so glad you liked the wool - it is beautiful! Great post Q and well said. (I also enjoyed the porn post too, so there you go.) And no, I don't have a friend that let's me rest my head on their arse - do you know of someone? :)