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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Another Very Ruff Weekend

As you can see, the kids have been super stressed out this weekend.

We just push them so hard.

They never have any down time to just relax.

Can you tell? Sullivan loves to lay with his head going down the hill in the front yard and catch his sunbeams. That's why his new nickname is sunbeam. I guess it feels good to get the blood flowing down into that thick skull of his.

But it wasn't just all laying around this weekend, despite what it appears. Can you tell they're ready to get on the move?

It's funny, they've only been here once before, but I swear they recognized where we were going.

That's right, the beach! Yay! I even had The Guy along with so I could play a little more effectively with the camera. Hey, I try.

But it's still a piece of crap camera. I am looking for a new one, hopefully soon. But this can remain the beach camera, as it can be tore up by the sand and I wouldn't care.

If you can tell, there was fog on the lake when we got there. It was actually a nice cool sunny day on the beach itself with a good breeze that was bringing the surf in. The fog stayed off shore and let us play, as you can tell.

Since we hit the road early to go to the Dogo'rama in Zeeland we hit the beach in the early hours too and missed the crowds unlike last time. It was much nicer without all the other people. Still, laying in the sand and sun will never be my thing. Instead, I prefer to get my walk and romp in, and head home so I could mow the yard and The Guy could keep re-painting the deck. Next on the list is to get the clothesline up.

So, I am hoping to try out the blogger app this next week while I'm traveling.

Traveling you ask? Yes, traveling. I'm coming home to Alaska for a visit!

I know, I never announce such things here, but The Guy and the Kids will be home protecting the house (teeheehee) while I'm gone.

I thought my mom would appreciate a visit for her birthday this year, so I'm doing it. Got tickets and am ready to go. I leave in the morning and have a goal to try to do a little short mini post every day with a picture.

I've never used the phone app for blogger before, so we'll see how it goes. In other words, I'll keep you "posted". That was for you Sarah. And I plan on trying some of those recipes and will give you a critique. Okay?

It was a fight to keep the dogs out of the dune grass. I have not seen any signs here to do so and maybe it's not an issue with erosion on the lakes like it is on the coasts, but I don't like them breaking down the dunes and causing the grass trauma.

Some pretty flowering bushes I ran in to on a walk this last week. The bees and hummingbirds were truly liking these blossoms.

And spinning is on hiatus while I'm gone. Imagine me making a sad face here as I type those words, but I will have plenty of knitting with me. This sock should be finished before I step off the plane in Anchorage, and I should have started the hat by then. Fingers crossed anyway.

And look at that fiber on the wheel, will you! I love it, and I know it's a bad picture but it make me think of mourning doves. Which then the other night got a song stuck in my head called "Turtle Dove" from one of my favorite bands, The Duhks. Who are on tour again with the original singer! It appears that has been some other changes to the crew in the band which makes me sad but it seems that since 2009 the bands membership has been in a state of flux that sounds like it works for them; however, the original voice is back! I'm so excited I had to share these songs with you, it is a Tune Tuesday after all.

All right everyone, I have to get my last minute stuff done and packed so I'm ready to hit the metaphoric road tomorrow. Hope you all have a wonderful day! Oh, and if you like such silly movies, check pout guardians of the galaxy, it's kinda cute.

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  1. doing my happy dance....!!! can't wait to see ya!!!!!!!!!!!!