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Friday, August 15, 2014

Cool Fact Yo...

If you Google "Squirrel Recipes", this is what you get.

Now, look real close at that second listings parents site. That's right, the Missouri Department of Conservation. Does Missouri have that big of a squirrel issue that to conserve it, they have state government approved recipes for the culled critters? I guess I should assume that Missourites are connoisseurs (lets not discuss the google search involved to spell that word right) of squirrel based on the fact of how they pronounce their own states name. If you haven't been paying attention to the news the last week, please make sure you say "Missour-ah" should you ever be passing through the state, less you be spotted as a tourist. You know I'm pointing at you Pat.

And, you may be asking, "Q, why are you  looking up such recipes?" This is why.

We has a small arboreal rodent issue here. Okay, not small, these suckers are big! And as I was hefting this momma that I got with a clean head shot out of the yard so the boys don't get her, I realized that perhaps I was missing an opportunity to lessen the price tag of trips to the grocery store. Hey, I'm not above eating a bit of squirrel, it's less wasteful. And I know they have been eating good sunflower seed, so they should taste pretty good. And they won't be making nests in the garage, the roof, or eating through things they shouldn't. The other day there were 4 of them, fully plumed and the one without a tail on the deck. Then the chipmunks. After a successful Thursday morning culling the herd of two adult squirrels (both head shots) and one chipmunk, things have been quiet in the back yard.

Now, before anyone gets upset, these are rodents. Granted, cute rodents; but rodents none the less and destructive to boot. I do not like waste so that is why I am looking at possibly cooking with them. However, I think getting them with a pellet gun, is much more quick and painless than traps, poison, or letting my dogs get them. Which, my dogs have tried to many many times. Who wants to be tore to pieces as a way to go? Not I. And I will not do the relocation gig. You are just giving someone else your issue. It's rude, and squirrels are territorial. They end up in strange surroundings with squirrels that will fight them, and both possibly die, or be unable to find shelter from predators or the elements. And, if they survive, the chances of them migrating back, are pretty damn good. So, no, they get a quick one to the head if possible. If that doesn't do it, I'll follow up with a second one to finish it and feel poorly about my shooting and hope whatever PETA sniper decides to come after me is a better shot than karma should allow.

Now, let's move onto the biggest killer of squirrels. Cars. okay, maybe they are second or third on the list, but I'm changing the subject. Got it? Did you follow? Cars.

Every few months I peruse cars to idealize what my perfect car is. And as I have been enjoying this last week such a perusal, I have noticed something. People are getting dumber and cars are getting smarter. It's true. People no longer no how to use a side mirror. I don't even know why we put them on cars anymore. Truly, I don't. You don't even have to roll down your... errrr... I mean, push that little switch so the window lowers and fold your own mirror in. Nope, the car will fold it for you! I know, I did that once and my triceps and deltoids were screaming for DAYS. I won't do it anymore, like all motion and exercise, it's unhealthy and will kill you, I swear. Just like that circular motion we used to have to do to lower our windows. Do you know how many rotator cuff injuries that caused annually? Yeah, I don't either.

And now, you don't even have to look in your mirror, because cars will now tell you that there is someone to that side, and let you know that you are leaving your lane. Because God Forbid, you hang up the phone, stop texting, smacking the mouth little $&%@'$ in the back seat (oh, wait, you actually should keep doing that more often) and pay attention to the road when you get behind the steering wheel. But, all kidding, have you seriously seen the crap cars are doing for us now? Blind spot detection so you don't have to use a side mirror or do a head check. Just wait for the first recall when that fails and people blame their accidents on that little function instead of recognizing their own crappy driving. Auto stop crash prevention, where the car observes traffic and will stop for you. Funny, I thought that was what the job of the driver was. Lane departure sensors. Automatic windshield wipers because flipping that lever down a notch causes finger and wrist strain. And I love'd that Volvo has pedestrian sensors.

Now, I'm not a complete troglodyte. I think some of these functions are cool and want those air cooled seats like a meth head craves their next fix. However, what is the driver doing when the car is doing all this stuff for them? Weekly it seems, I am narrowly missing having an accident due to drivers not paying attention on the road. Just the other night I had a driver coast through a stop sign and turn left in front of me when I had no stop sign and therefor right of way. She proceeded to go 35 in a 55 and when I passed her, she did not once looked up from her cell on the steering wheel. When are we going to start treating driving like the responsibility it is and not a human right for breathing and having a heart beat? When you are behind the wheel, you have not only your own life in you hands, but that of your passengers and all other drivers and passengers in any vehicle that you are in striking distance of.

Okay, let's get off that soap box. It's starting to wobble and who will I blame when I bust my bum? So instead I will discuss happy things, and introduce you to the newest family member. Meet, Siam Sam

Yes, I know Siam is no longer a country, and they are technically called Betta's, but when I was a kid we grew up calling these Siamese Fighting Fish and since they are from Thailand's rice patties and that was formerly French Indochina or Siam speaking in historical terms, I am sticking with the name. I like it. I guess I could have gone with Thai Thom, but that seemed more insensitive as if assuming a fish has an ethnic background. So let's leave it alone. Isn't he pretty? Admire his beauty, forget his name. I will get better pictures soon. This was his first day at home with us and since then he has grown and his colors have exploded.

Today, I went with a friend to the West Michigan Fiber Festival in Allegan. It was a nice little festival as it got moving. There were some missing vendors and the animals weren't all there yet but I got to see some of these guys...

What is that exactly? It's Pygora goat wool. It's like a little cloud of heaven. It's about 2 oz.

I may blend it with this beautiful wild Muga Silk that is naturally this lustrous champagne color. It was half off, I couldn't pass it up. What originally pulled me into the booth that had the silk though was this.

What is this? Well, it was a mystery as I first saw it. The crimp and feel was Merino, but Merino is white, right? Go with me people, Merino is white. At least all Merino I've seen. But it was short stapled, fine and fluffy soft even in it's locks, just like Merino, but it was gray! Trust em here too, it's gray, but I was taking pictures in the sunset so I could blog for you all. It's a beautiful gray.

And lo and behold, it is Merino. It's one of the last herds known that is the original color before we bred them white over hundreds of years. I had to buy some, and it was only 9 dollars a pound! So I bought a pound.

Okay, I'm off to heave my cake and do some spinning before bed. Hope you all have a great night. We are either hitting the dog beach or going to a couple other events tomorrow and I will try to remember a camera so I can do another post soon.

Oh, what was that? What am I spinning and knitting lately? Okay, quick before I log off.

I just finished up this polwarth/silk 80/20 blend and it's a 2ply fractal spin dk weight at about 350 yards. Look, it's not blue or green!

I have a really cool Merino/Silk blend on in a neat grey/peach/yellow blend. The grey and peach makes me think of mourning doves.

Due to it's size, it's more of a long term project. In the end I am going for 8 oz's of a 6ply yarn.

And I've been working more on the MKAL design I'm doing for the store. I'll give you more details when I can. Have a good night!


  1. Oh man!! I love squirrels!! You heathen!!! They are just trying to make a life for themselves!! And to eat them!!! UGH! You are nuts!! I guess I do not have the squirrel problem you do, but my squirrels are precious!! I talk to them everyday and they chatter back. Beautiful fiber and spinning!! Wish we had more fiber fairs close to us. : (

  2. i'm the girl who couldn't bear to take down the squirrel nest in the shed until well into summer so no babies would be harmed. not sure i will encourage this squirrel behaviour again..but if you shoot them, you probably should eat them...or feed them to some unknowing friends...i think they taste just like chicken!! :-)

  3. I'm a little disappointed here, Q. After all that build up about squirrels, I really wanted to you to actually try to cook and eat one! Oh well, judging from your population, you'll probably have many opportunities to hit another sucker to fry up for dinner. Fancy cars piss me off. My kids don't need to watch TV for the 3 minute drive to the grocery store. That being said, good lord almighty in the heavens above, I love my heated seats in the winter time. So sometimes progress isn't all bad. Your fiber and yarn looks amazing as usual. Great photos!